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Prioritising Fire Safety During Daylight Savings with Fireco

Check your Smoke Alarms during daylight savings

Every year, we are reminded of the tragic consequences of house fires, which are too-often caused by the lack of a working smoke alarm. The importance of this life-saving device cannot be overstated: the NZ Fire Service reported that one-third of residential fires they responded to last year lacked smoke alarms.

The stats speak for themselves in underscoring the urgent need for every New Zealand household to prioritize fire safety. Daylight saving is the perfect oppertunity to check and maintain the smoke alarms in your home – check and change batteries in your smoke alarms like you change the clocks.

The Power of Smoke Alarms: A Matter of Life and Death

According to the NZ Fire Service, you’re four times more likely to survive a house fire if you have working smoke alarms installed in your home – a compelling reason to ensure your smoke alarms are not only installed but also in good working condition. For detailed statistics on the impact of smoke alarms, you can check out this resource on the NZ Fire Service website.

2. Fire Blankets: Swiftly Smothering Flames

Fire blankets are important when you need to quickly smother small fires or wrap around someone to shield them from flames during evacuation. Fireco’s fire blankets are designed for ease of use and are an important addition to any fire safety plan, offering an important additional layer of protection.

Battery-Operated Smoke Alarms: Affordable and Essential

In many homes, battery-operated smoke alarms are the go-to solution for fire safety. They are not only affordable but also easy to install, making them accessible to everyone. However, it’s crucial to remember that these devices have a limited battery life. This is why it’s essential to regularly check and maintain them, especially when daylight saving time begins and ends.

If you’re looking into fire safety solutions for your home, why not make battery changing a thing of the past this daylight savings with Fireco’s Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.

This alarm has a 10-year long-life battery to minimise maintenance moving forward, ensuring safety for you and your family for years to come.

If you’re looking for more information, check out our handy guide for the best smoke alarm for your home.

Already have smoke alarms installed in your home?

Here’s a simple checklist to help keep your battery-operated smoke alarms in optimal condition this daylight savings:


Change Batteries When You Change the Clocks

Make it a habit to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms every time you adjust your clocks for daylight saving time. This semi-annual routine ensures that you are consistently reminded to keep your alarms functioning.

Monthly Maintenance

Dust and debris can accumulate inside smoke alarms over time, potentially hindering their performance. To prevent this, set aside a few minutes each month to clean your alarms and press the ‘test’ button. If the alarm fails to sound, replace the batteries and test it again to confirm it’s working correctly.

Strategic Placement

Install your smoke alarms strategically, at least three meters away from the kitchen. This positioning helps prevent false alarms triggered by cooking-related incidents – you only want your alarm to sound when there’s an actual fire emergency, not whenever you burn your toast!

Avoid Painting Your Smoke Alarms

While aesthetics are important, it’s crucial not to compromise the functionality of your smoke alarms. Painting them might seem like a minor concern, but it can significantly reduce their effectiveness. Additionally, painting your alarms could potentially impact your insurance coverage in case of a fire-related incident.


Fireco: Your Trusted Source for Smoke Alarms

At Fireco, we understand the critical role smoke alarms play in safeguarding lives and property. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take proactive steps to protect your family and property from the devastating consequences of a house fire. Visit Fireco today to explore our smoke alarm options and invest in your peace of mind, or get in touch here. Your safety is our priority, and together, we can make New Zealand homes safer for everyone.

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