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Fire Extinguisher Services Waipu and Bream Bay

Faulty fire extinguishers can have a tremendous effect on your safety when the sudden need arises. No one can ever predict when or where a fire breaks out- you can only prepare for it!

Never disregard the importance of fire protection for your business. Though some settle for having the least number of fire extinguishers to meet compliance requirements, it is likely they also fail to look beyond the need of having routine fire extinguisher servicing in Waipu and Bream Bay or consider areas where fires may likely occur.

Why go for regular Fire Extinguisher Services?


Trust the Waipu and Bream Bay Fire Extinguisher Experts

How many fire extinguishers a business in Bream Bay should have, is not just dictated by practical considerations, it’s also mandated by law that you have enough to cover the area of your work space, and that, these fire extinguishers unit should be working properly at all times.

Fire extinguishers wherever you are based, whether in Waipu or Ruakaka do require maintenance as they are also subject to damage and dents.

Top Tip: If a fire extinguisher gets depressurised it should get replaced or refilled immediately.

Fire Safety Should Always Come First

Consider current workplace statistics, prevention is still the far more cost-effective route, and you can avoid property damage or at least keep it to a minimum by having routine maintenance checks on your fire safety systems and fire extinguishers.

Does it really make a difference? Having regular fire extinguisher servicing done versus having to experience of fire outbreak first hand? Which is more costly, dangerous, and inconvenient?

There’s nothing worst than closing your business due to the consequences of a fire.


In Waipu and Bream Bay, you can trust in Fireco for fire extinguisher services.

Here at Fireco, we’re all about giving you the peace of mind you deserve; worry less about fires happening at your business through our rigorous and outstanding fire extinguisher servicing and regular checkups.

As Waipu and Bream Bay fire extinguisher servicing professionals, we will also ensure that your business meets the fire safety standards ensuring you stay compliant and avoid any significant fines.

We’re very customer-focused here at Fireco.

For many Waipu business owners, we understand not everyone is technical or even engaged to understand how a fire extinguisher works. If you don’t understand anything about how fire protection equipment works, that’s alright; we can explain to you what needs to be done based on the required safety standards. We keep our customers informed of the process so they can make the best decisions on fire safety.

We’re all about giving the best fire extinguisher services in Waipu and Bream Bay. Let’s tailor fit a quote for you and give you the fire safety advice you need. Call us at Fireco 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz

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