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Building Warrant of Fitness Auckland – (BWOF)

Looking for a Building Warrant of Fitness in Auckland?

Securing a Building Warrant of Fitness can be a stressful experience. There many guidelines to follow wherever you are based in Auckland, once you receive the compliance schedule. Pushing it towards completion involves time and patience. Alternatively, you can contract Fireco – giving you back precious time. Leave it to us.

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An Auckland Building Warrant of Fitness warrants that all specified systems installed in a building are in good working order. These are systems that are essential to a building’s operations; they make life easier and safer for occupants. Testing of these utilities ensures that it functions as expected in case of an emergency.

Once you acquire your BWOF certificate, the process repeats itself after a year. Are you ready for the next Auckland BWOF cycle?

Consider us, Fireco as a practical consultant on your BWoF journey and stay on top of your compliance intitatives. But before all that, are you aware of the type of specified systems you have in your Auckland commercial property?

What are Specified Systems?

There are many types of specified systems, some are hidden from view and are well within the building’s structure. It’s our job to know what is required for your premises, taking this hassle away from you:

Some common examples of Specified Systems across Auckland:

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Just to note, there are 16 specified systems in the Building Act and each one is required to meet a regulation in the New Zealand Standard code.

Why Work with an Auckland IQP?

An IQP is an Independent Qualified Person. They are highly-trained compliance professionals that can carry out annual detailed inspections during your compliance schedule. They are duly registered with the Auckland Council. They understand the challenges in maintaining and repairing specified systems and here at Fireco we are proud to have great working relationships across Auckland.

One of their important roles of an IQP is to inspect and sign off on the state of your specified systems on a Form 12A.

An Auckland Form 12A ensures that an inspection was done properly, and that the maintenance period during the compliance schedule are outlined in detail. These logs will let the authorities know what was carried out accordingly during the last 12 months.

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The Purpose of an Auckland BWOF

Finding the most suitable Auckland Building Warrant of Fitness consultant for your compliance schedule is never an easy task. You have to consider what they specialise in. Alternatively partner with Fireco and we take away this responsibility for you.

The BWoF process in general shouldn’t be very costly, but rather cost-effective. We will work to ensure full safety compliance.

Secure your Auckland BWOF- Consult with Fireco

Partner with Fireco and tap into our wide network of local Auckland and IQP and contractors.

The Big Advantage with Fireco:

Comply with the performance standards set for your specified systems, trust in an Auckland BWOF expert. Call Fireco today at 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz

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