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The Best Fire Extinguisher Servicing in the Bay of Islands and the Far North

In the Bay of islands and the Far North, it’s quite easy to say that every single individual is responsible for maintaining the level of safety in the workplace. True that this is a kind of shared accountability. Still the bulk of that responsibility and liability falls in the hands of employers and business owners. They must provide the needed rules and tools to ensure safety.

This can be achieved through proactive measures such as proper safety training, the availability of firefighting equipment and following NZ safety standards. You must take every reasonable precaution possible to prevent unsafe conditions and let Fireco be your Far North and Bay of Islands partner when you need high-quality fire extinguisher servicing.

When you provide the tools to create a safe environment, such as fire extinguishers and make every unit available to everyone, you are ensuring a safety culture to thrive. If a fire breaks out, employees will not hesitate to take action and operate the firefighting equipment themselves.

However, going beyond just providing firefighting equipment, you need routine inspections to maintain the fire extinguishers you have.

Trust in Fireco for our reliable track record in delivering the best fire extinguisher servicing in the Far North. We will make certain that your Bay of Islands fire extinguishers will discharge and deftly handle the starting fire.

What happens during a Routine Fire Extinguisher Servicing?

It cannot be said enough: Fire extinguisher servicing is there to ensure that your fire extinguishers will function optimally when needed.

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Bay of Islands and Far North Fire Extinguisher Servicing

When you work with Fireco, we will undertake all the safety inspections needed on all your firefighting equipment in the Far North. As Bay of Islands fire safety experts, we can offer you sound advice on what steps to take to keep your fire extinguishers in good working order. We never take shortcuts; we do a thorough job with each inspection, refill and recharge of your fire extinguishers.

Let’s get things going – call us at Fireco 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz

In the Far North and Bay of Islands, we have a solid reputation of providing businesses with affordable solutions on fire safety and fire equipment, including all types of fire extinguishers throughout the Far North.



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