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Test and Tag Whangarei

Have you given any special attention to your electrical devices and appliances as of late?

Do know that the lack of inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment can cause huge problems that are dangerous to workers and residents. One such problem can be electrical leakage in old or damaged appliances, which can result in an electrical fire.

But testing for electrical faults is a complex job that requires a highly-trained hand and deep knowledge in New Zealand electrical safety standards particularly the safety requirements of AS/NZS 3760.

With that in mind, its best to call in the Test and Tag Whangarei experts – call Fireco.

Why Test & Tag?

In Whangarei workplaces, there are many hidden electrical risks, and the point of Whangarei Testing & Tagging is to make sure electrical safety hazards are eliminated and that any faulty electrical devices that are not fit for purpose are removed from the work area, keeping staff and customers safe.

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How do we do a Test & Tag Service in Whangarei?

Our visual inspection is thorough. Initially, we do a very hands-on assessment of cables and wires, checking if twists on the wires are pronounced, or wiring is protruding, we will fail this item.

Moreover, we also inspect spots prone to damage such as the connection points between the cable and the appliance.

Some appliances can be deceiving, whilst they look fine externally, once tested, you’d be surprised to learn they are leaking electricity. At its worst, leakage can be excessive enough to pose electric shock to the user.

Once done with the visual inspection, we proceed to undertaking testing with the correct metering test equipment – in line with NZ safety standards.

We do standard Test & tag procedures, such as:

Leakage current test or Three-phase leakage test

Performing a leakage test means running the appliance while it is hooked up to an appliance tester. Once the results are determined, the item will be given a pass or fail sticker.

Earth bond test/ Earth continuity test

Continuity means there is a complete path for current to flow. And having a good ground or Earth connection means you are protected from high voltage or life-threatening currents when using a device.

Insulation Resistance Test

Determines how effective the insulation capabilities of a device are in resisting the extent of the flow of an electrical current. Insulation damage is often cause by mechanical issues, overloaded cables, and heat damage.

We do Test & Tag for the following industries:

A certified New Zealand building compliance professional that is duly registered with the local NZ Council. They are highly-qualified to do inspection work across Whangarei which means doing thorough testing of specified systems that they have years and years of specialised training with.

Also do know that Whangarei IQPs can have no financial interest in the building project they are working on. Fireco, when chosen as your IQP will provide a report and will tell you in a straightforward manner what needs to be fixed, amended, or replaced – public safety is put above everything else.

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We do Test & Tag for the following industries:

We’re proud to say that in Whangarei, Fireco has the in-depth knowledge. Team and equipment to keep your staff and site safe.

Let us help you stay up to code, get in touch with us – call Fireco 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz

Testing and Tag in Whangarei is a proven method that can help keep your property and employees safe.


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