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Get Your BWOF in Auckland the Easy Way

Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF), a process that Fireco has streamlined for property owners in Auckland.

Securing an Auckland Building Warrant of Fitness is essential for the safety and functionality of specified systems within your commercial property. From fire suppression systems to lighting, these components are integral to building operations. Fireco specialises in guiding you through the BWoF process, ensuring seamless compliance to Auckland regional regulations.

Start 2024 with peace of mind by enlisting the help of Fireco to manage your compliance inspections and preventative maintenance. Read on for an explanation of the BWoF process in Auckland, or just get in touch with the Fireco team and let us simplify and streamline your building safety.

Start With a Compliance Schedule

The Auckland Regional Council ensures the safety and compliance of certain properties by issuing a Compliance Schedule to any building that incorporates specified systems. To guarantee the continued functioning of a building’s systems and features, an inspection, maintenance, and reporting plan must be developed and integrated into the compliance schedule. You can read the Auckland Regional Council’s guide to BWoF here, or talk to the Fireco team – we’re the experts on building compliance in Auckland.

When you hear someone talk about having a “Compliance Schedule Certificate,” it means they have a short-term announcement that their building is meeting its compliance schedule duties. This certificate is given by the Auckland Council, and a copy of the Compliance Schedule Statement needs to be displayed in an easily accessible location. It’s important to note that after 12 months the BWoF will take the place of the Compliance Schedule Certificate.

Every year after that, property owners in Auckland are required to provide a BWoF. Before the Compliance Schedule’s anniversary, file the BWoF and make sure everything listed in the Compliance Schedule is followed. Each part of the specified system must be checked, fixed, and reported on by an Independent Qualified Person (IQP).

Auckland IQPs (Independent Qualified Persons) and Their Role

IQPs play a crucial role in the BWoF process. An IQP is an individual who is independently qualified and highly trained in compliance matters. These licensed safety experts play a vital role in assessing whether a structure is up to code in terms of health and safety. The ensuing report details the necessary steps to bring the structure into compliance if it falls short of the required standards.

One of the key responsibilities of an IQP is to inspect and endorse the state of specified systems within a building. This evaluation is documented on a Form 12A, a vital component of the BWoF process in Auckland. The Auckland Form 12A serves as proof that a proper inspection was carried out, detailing the maintenance activities undertaken during the compliance schedule. This meticulous record-keeping is essential for informing authorities about the state of the specified systems over the past 12 months.

Fireco understands the importance of highly qualified IQPs in Auckland, and we extend this advantage to our clients. Partnering with Fireco provides property owners with access to our extensive network of Auckland IQPs and contractors. Fireco’s connections ensure that a professional with expertise in adhering to fire safety codes is readily available to offer advice and carry out necessary maintenance for BWoF compliance – simplifying safety and compliance for your Auckland properties.

Completing a BWoF requires submitting all necessary documents and paperwork to your local council, including a filled-out BWOF form and any applicable payment. Once submitted, the council will thoroughly review your application and may ask for additional information if necessary. Typically, the decision on whether your BWOF is approved or not takes around two weeks. Having an experienced professional to consult and guide you through the BWoF process can significantly ease the journey, ensuring that you meet all the requirements and navigate any complexities with confidence. That’s where Fireco can help.

Simplifying Fire Safety in Auckland Rentals and Properties

When it comes to Auckland property and rental management, obtaining an BWoF is non-negotiable. Fireco is the solution for a simplified BWoF process, supported by a network of IQPs and experts in fire and building safety. Managing Auckland rentals involves plenty of responsibilities and challenges, and Fireco understand the significance of complying with regional building fire safety regulations.

Fireco takes the hassle out of Auckland BWOF compliance. With a focus on cost-effective solutions, we simplify the process, allowing property owners to confidently display their BWoF, signifying adherence to the Building Act of 2004. For more information on the BWoF process, read our handy checklist here.

Contact us at 0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz. Trust Fireco to optimise your Auckland BWoF journey and secure your property’s safety and compliance effortlessly.  

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