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Protecting your Northland Holidays this Summer

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Northland Summer Fire Safety with Fireco

As summer approaches in Northland, many of us are looking forward to the warm weather, barbecues, camping trips, and beachside vacations that make the season so enjoyable. During all the summer fun, it’s important to prioritise fire safety, especially when you’re away from home on holiday. Whether you’re hitting the road in a caravan, setting sail on a boat, enjoying a bach stay, or going on a camping adventure, taking precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential fire hazards is essential. Fireco is here to simplify fire safety during your summer adventures and provide practical tips for staying safe.

Fire Safety for Caravans

Caravanning is a classic summer activity for many Kiwis, but it comes with its own set of fire safety concerns. Fire can spread rapidly in the small space of a caravan. That’s why it’s vital to be prepared for unexpected incidents. Fireco’s equipment specialists recommend having a 1.5-2.5kg dry powder extinguisher with a discharge hose on hand. This size ensures an extended discharge time of 14-15 seconds, which offers a better chance of quickly smothering any fire. Dry powder extinguishers are safe for small, enclosed spaces, as the powder is non-toxic.

Additionally, having a fire blanket in your caravan provides a quick and effective option for smothering flames, especially when clothing or a person is burning. In addition to a fire extinguisher, NZ Fire Emergency recommends fitting caravans with a long-life photoelectric smoke alarm. Check out the Fire Emergency website here for more information on fire safety in caravans.

Fire Safety for Boats

Summer days out on the water are an essential part of Northland summer, so ensuring fire safety on your boat is key. Fires on boats can be exceptionally dangerous and controlling them before they reach critical components like engines is essential. For boat fire safety, Fireco recommends choosing a minimum extinguisher size of 2.5kgs, providing a discharge time of around 14-16 seconds. Dry powder extinguishers, while messier than wet ones, are safer and more effective.

Boats over 10 meters in size and those used for chartering or income must comply with Maritime NZ fire safety standards. Keeping a fire blanket within the galley of your boat is also crucial, as it allows for the immediate smothering of galley fires, which can be life-threatening when on a boat. For more information, refer to the Maritime NZ website.

Fire Safety for Baches

Baches are a beloved part of Summer Kiwi culture, but often lack adequate fire protection. If there’s any fire extinguisher at all, it’s typically a traditional 1kg extinguisher. Having a small fire extinguisher is better than nothing, but 1kg extinguishers only give an average discharge time of around 11 seconds, which is insufficient for large areas. To safeguard your bach from an out-of-control fire risk, consider installing a 2.5kg dry powder extinguisher with a discharge hose. Anything smaller may leave you vulnerable, as once an extinguisher is completely discharged, the fire can continue to spread.

Another essential item for your bach is a 1.8mtr fire blanket, which allows for quick and effective smothering of flames. It’s a great idea to keep a fire blanket close to the kitchen or BBQ area, and make sure any fire-lighting gear like matches or lighters are always kept out of reach of kids. Make sure you know the fire watch status of your region, and check the Department of Conservation guidelines or the rules of your campground before lighting fires: check the DoC website.

Compliance with Regulations

Fire alarms are not just a choice; they are often a legal requirement. Compliance with fire safety regulations is mandatory across Northland and Auckland – failure to adhere to these regulations can result in significant fines and legal consequences. Modern fire alarms are designed to meet these regulations, which ensures that building owners are in full compliance with the law.

Fire Safety for Tents and Camping

Camping, whether in a tent or at a campground, poses significant fire hazards. Gas cookers, BBQs, and braziers can quickly become fire risks, and the flammable nature of many tent materials can trap occupants. To prevent fires while camping, follow essential rules such as cooking away from the tent, watching for sparks, and never leaving any source of flame or heat unattended. Proper spacing between tents is also crucial to prevent the spread of fire.

Having a fire blanket within easy reach and a 2.5kg dry powder extinguisher is recommended while camping. Fire blankets are ideal for smothering overturned BBQs, wrapping around a person in case of emergency, and providing all-around fire protection.

As you prepare for your Northland summer adventures, remember that fire safety should be a top priority. Make sure you have the right fire equipment on hand for your chosen activity, whether it’s caravanning, boating, bach living, or camping. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them can make all the difference in preventing and responding to potential fire emergencies.

Before you embark on your holiday, take the time to get your fire safety gear in order, and make sure you’re familiar with the PASS code for fire extinguishers: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep. For all your fire equipment needs, reach out to our friendly team at Fireco. Enjoy your summer to the fullest while staying safe and worry-free!

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