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Why a Building Warrant of Fitnesses is Crucial (Not Just Legal)

Like having a yearly checkup at the doctor. A yearly fitness test ensures the structural integrity and safety of every building in every New Zealand district.

This is officially called a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF).

In New Zealand, Building Warrant of Fitness must be renewed annually if your building has automatic doors, lifts, sprinkler systems, or a ‘cable car’.

So why are BWoFs so crucial? Besides the legal factor, there’s the issue of safety.

It’s possible that you’ve heard stories about elevator accidents – a cable snapping and leaving passengers stuck for hours between floors. Or public incidents like an escalator speeding up then coming to a complete halt, hurting people in the process. Those are examples of malfunctioning specified systems. Unfortunately, these mishaps can be avoided if the aforementioned systems were functioning as intended.

This is why BWoFs are crucial – they prevent complacency, neglect, and sloppy practices from becoming the norm.

BWoFs keep people safe. Everyday people. You, me, kids, families, workers. Everyone in the community.

But to make sure the BWoF process goes smoothly, you need to follow the strict NZ Building Act guidelines and on many instances, IQPs are needed to inspect and report on the specified systems on site and in the building premises.

What about IQPs?

So let’s back track a little, we’ve mentioned IQPs. These are Independently Qualified Persons and they are very important when it comes to completing your BWoF application.

In fact, the section 108(3)(d) of the Building Act 2004 states:
The building warrant of fitness must have attached to it any recommendation made by an
independently qualified person that the compliance schedule should be amended to ensure that the specified systems stated in the compliance schedule are performing, and will continue to perform, to the performance standards for those systems.

IQPs have the necessary certifications and skills to conduct the inspection, as well as to produce all necessary paperwork and technical reports on schedule. All tested specified systems will be approved by them as a true record of what was done and accomplished in relation to the compliance plan.

Where do you look for the ideal IQP?

The building’s type of specified systems should be the first consideration. Some IQPs are certified in and experienced with a variety of systems, while others focus on mastering only one. Every IQP has undergone extensive training in each of the systems they claim to master. There’s a good reason for this high demand: these people are often the best in the business when it comes to fixing the system in question and the difficulties it’s prone to.

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In the Northland and Auckland area, Fireco is a great company to work with if you need to consult with IQPs. We have the resources and networks in place to find you the best Independently Qualified Person that’s well-matched with the specified system you have.

Do not put off consulting fire safety specialists and IQPs until the last possible moment, such as when your BWoF has expired. Maintain a risk-free and fire safe property in Northland and Auckland by making sure everyone in it is safe and that the building complies with all BWoF regulations.

Fireco is an industry leader in fire safety equipment, safety testing, and building warrant of fitness compliance (BWoF) consulting services. If you need help with your NZ BWoF, call us today at Fireco 0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz

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