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Where to Find Fire Cabinets and Flammable Storage Cabinets in Whangarei, New Zealand


It’s scary to think about a fire breaking out at your workplace or home. Fires can happen anywhere and at anytime, but fire incidents can be prevented by being adequately prepared for one. Conducting regular fire safety checks and placing fire safety measures can help save your property in an emergency scenario.

For entrepreneurs and homeowners investing in essential firefighting equipment is a must. First off, you need fire extinguishers and fire blankets to fight small starting fires. For storage safety, every property should have a fire cabinet. If this the first time you’ve heard of fire cabinets, you’re not alone, not everyone knows such fire equipment exists.

What are Fire Cabinets?

There are many kinds of fire cabinets. Some are safety color-coded and come with a certain lock and self-closing door features. Some fire cabinets are also made to hold firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hoses.

Fireco also supplies fire extinguisher cabinets and fibre glass cabinet fits.

The typical fire cabinet is for the storage of documentation, records, and logbooks. Fireco has three fire cabinets available namely:

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Flammable Storage Cabinets

There are specialty fire cabinets which are called flammable storage cabinets. These cabinets are used for the storage of dangerous liquids, powders, and hazardous chemicals.

There are specialty fire cabinets which are called flammable storage cabinets. These cabinets are used for the storage of dangerous liquids, powders, and hazardous chemicals.

A flammable storage cabinet If you need to stop liquids suddenly igniting in case of a workplace fire, a flammable storage cabinet is a must. They can buy you some time to escape before the fire escalates to flashover status. A flashover is when a fire spreads very rapidly and now involves all exposed combustibles in the area.

According to the guidelines of the New Zealand and Australian Standard AS1940 -2004 dangerous liquids must be kept in flammable storage cabinets.

Flammable liquids such as adhesives, corrosives, pesticides, explosives, aerosols, ammunitions, lubricants, paints, printing inks, fluids in pressurized containers, petroleum products, and other dangerous substances can be kept for safety inside a fire cabinet.

Fire cabinets can withstand high temperatures and hold the flammable liquids stable for a certain amount of time during fire incidents. Creating a window of time for emergency responders to control the fire before it reaches the combustible materials. Many workplaces have mounted or standing fire cabinets such as laboratories, manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, universities, and government offices. In fact, they are a pretty common sight in any residential and commercial property with a Building Of Warrant of Fitness.

If you’re looking to upgrade the fire safety features of your home and workplace. There’s a fire safety specialist based in Whangarei that you can trust, and that’s Fireco NZ.

Fireco specializes in fire safety products, Test & Tag, and Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) compliance ensuring your business remains compliant. We also do fire safety service and supply fire equipment around the Northland region.

We can advise you on the kind of fire cabinet well suited for your fire safety needs

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