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What You Need to Know About Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems in Auckland?

What You Need to Know About Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems in Auckland

Fire safety is an essential cornerstone when it comes to the safety aspects of your business. Although no Auckland business ever wants a fire to happen, any businesses that invests in passive fire systems is putting everyone’s safety – employees and customers – first. By doing so, they are creating an environment where if the worst does happen their business and bottom line is protected.

A correctly installed and well-maintained fire protection system helps you save money in the long run. Reality is, any Auckland business can lose everything overnight if their property was to catch fire and get destroyed. Many businesses simply cannot come back from such a devastating event. That is why its wise to invest in a fire protection system.

A fire protection system provides a relay system that calls emergency services automatically in case of a fire. Such systems will work to stop or at least reduce a fire, while also alerting emergency services.

How to Choose the right Fire Protection System for your Auckland Work Place:

How would you choose the best fire protection system for your business? There are several factors:

By seeking guidance from Fireco, the fire safety experts in Auckland you can be assured your property is safe. We customise your fire safety requirements based the building and industry within it. We can undertake an on-site check at your workplace and compile a recommendations report on how to fireproof your work environment.

Active vs. Passive Fire Protection

Fire protection systems are indispensable. Did you know however Fire Protection can either be active or passive.

When a building is being constructed, the builder and the architect can include passive fire protection such as the need for fire escape routes.

Passive fire protection may also refer to using non-flammable materials and sublimation coatings while constructing your workplace or having fire-resistant walls built in place. On the other hand, active fire protection means making use of a system that reacts as a safety net if a fire occurs. They are reactive to the sudden presence of high temperatures, smoke and heat. These include well-planned sprinkler systems, smoke alarm systems and special hazard fire suppression systems.

Active vs. Non-Electric Detection

It is also a must whether to use active or non-electric fire detection. Non-electric fire detection does not require electricity to work, they require the detection of heat to release their detection capabilities.

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Fire protection systems are very important in keeping everyone and everything inside a building safe. Business owners need to ensure regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of their fire protection systems. For that you need a regular and routine fire safety expert on call. Fireco do not just install fire protection systems but also check, maintain and repair these. Trust the experts to not just install your businesses fire protection system in Auckland, but maintain it year after year.

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