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Whangarei Test And Tag Services

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By law, you should have all electrical devices periodically tested, this is not just for compliance, but for worker’s safety.

If you need a comprehensive Test and Tag service of all your equipment in your Whangarei workplace, you can rely on Fireco services for both the necessary visual inspection and PAT testing required.

Test and Tag involves testing hired, loaned or store-bought equipment brought into the work premises. Fireco offer a Test and Tag procedure that validates the safety and integrity of your equipment prior to use.

The compliance law AS/NZS 3760:2010 requires every employer to ensure that all work equipment is safe for use. 

Under AS/NZS 3760:2010, proper testing of equipment (movable and portable) should be tested and inspected by a trained electrician or technician with relevant electrical skills.

We at CDL Electrical can do your Whangarei Test and Tag services for you.

What Happens During A Test And Tag Service?

The process of ‘Test and Tag’ is a two-part phase. 

First, we undertake a thorough Test and Tag inspection that involves an inspection of both the visual and physical parts. This is a thorough examination of the surface of the equipment which includes the cord, plug and wiring. This ensures that there are no cuts, breaks and exposed wires that can cause shocks. Obvious signs of damage include wear and tear, deep bumps and burnt areas.

After our visual inspection, the second phase is a functional electrical test. The testing is done with a standard appliance tester called a PAT tester (short for Portable Appliance Testing device).  All methods of testing will be undertaken by our trained electrician using an aptly calibrated PAT tester. A PAT device checks for soundness of insulation and Earth grounding.

Types Of Equipment That Are Test And Tagged

Here’s our tip: Any device with a cord or plug and requires electricity to operate must be tagged. That’s simple enough as a guide.

And there are two classes:

These are appliances whose current have a safe return path to Earth. For the PATs Test, they will receive an Earth Continuity test and Insulation test.

These are everyday appliance you are familiar with namely kettles, toasters, electric heaters, irons, microwaves, fridges and washing machines.

It has two levels of insulation that’s good enough not to be reliant on the Earth for protection. Such appliances are identified by the double square symbol. The PAT testing done will be an insulation test.

Double-insulated appliances are often power tools, hair dryers, televisions, media players, and lamps.

If you just bought a new appliance, it won’t be subjected to a PAT test, but it will undergo a visual inspection for any damage or marks. With our test and tag service, we can help you decide whether certain equipment or appliances are outdated, ensuring they are removed from your production line and replaced accordingly.


What Happens After Test And Tag Has Been Completed?

All appliances, tools and equipment that pass the visual inspection and the PAT meter testing will be given a sticker and logged in the records with a clear PASS label stating its unit control number, test date undertaken, the re-test date for future reference and the electrician’s name for validity.

Any equipment that fails either our formal visual inspection and PAT testing will be designated with a FAIL label containing its unit number, test date, reason for failure and the electrician’s name for validity. 

Any failed equipment should be removed from the work area and handed over to your company’s designated person responsible for its archive and proper disposal.

If you need Test and Tag services in Whangarei, Fireco are the team to call. Fireco have highly-trained electrical personnel to handle the testing and report logs.

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