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Whangarei Test and Tag Services for Electrical Devices


Test and tag is the proper inspection of electrical equipment, making sure it is safe for use. This   procedure revolves around electrical equipment and appliances, both heavyset and portable. Anything that’s plugged into an electrical socket will be check for a Test and Tag. 

A Test and Tag is done to mitigate the risk of electrical accidents such as fires, electrical shock and severe burns. A faulty piece of equipment or even a small frayed wire is enough to cause major damage such as loss of life or destruction of property. After such an incident, the council can penalise you for violating safety regulations including shutting down work operations.  

Test and tag is not only affordable, its a small price to pay compared to the risky outcome of not having your electrical equipment professionally inspected by fire safety specialists or a licensed electrical engineer.  

There are proper reporting procedures involved with a Test & Tag and this is an overview of the process: 

For a Test and Tag procedure to be successful, it all starts with a basic visual inspection. Each electrical device will be inspected by hand, every part of its surface explored from nozzle down to the cord. The inspector will keep an eye out for any signs of wear-and-tear, corroded parts, flaking wires, or melted plastic parts. Any sign that could possibly mean that electrical item is compromised which includes loose parts.

Electrical testing will be done using specialised equipment to determine the state of the electrical item. This includes doing a number of current and resistance tests such as the following: insulation resistance test, the Earth resistance test, polarity test, and current leakage test. These tests ensure that your electrical devices are functioning properly, that they are grounded and will not cause any electrical shock.

Once electrical testing is done, all the devices will be sorted, labeled and tagged accordingly.  The appropriate tags will display the necessary information about the device, which includes date of the next Test and Tag. 

Fireco will compile the results of the Test & Tag and make sure you receive all the important information on each of your electrical devices. Fireco also keep their own archive of all the tests done in case you need another copy of the document. Recommendations on how to proceed after the Test & Tag will also be provided. Though all failed devices will be tagged, it is still up to you whether you want the item repaired or disposed of.

The Best Electrical Test and Tag Solution

Electrical safety in the workplace should always be a priority. Don’t let complacency get the best of you, stick to the schedule of your next Test & Tag. If you haven’t had one done in years, get it touch with us and we’ll come over.

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