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Whangarei, Northland and Auckland Safety: The Importance of a Lone Worker First Aid Kit


When we think of lone workers we probably think of astronauts, submariners, oil drillers, cave divers and wildlife explorers. Of course, these are lone workers of the extreme kind working in extreme situations.

But there are also lone workers in our neighbourhoods and cities, they work among us at odd hours everyday, doing important and yet isolated work if only due to the support network they have on hand. Lone workers can include electrical linemen, analysts, engineers, security personnel, and field technicians to name a few. These lone workers make sure our infrastructure and machines are kept running in peak conditions. But if they get hurt, what are the safety measures in place to help them?

For this reason, warning devices such as a “mandown” fall alarm or audible alarms are installed to provide more safety for lone workers. Some employers require lone workers to do periodic reporting via video or phone. This is live reporting and proof of life from the field includes information like time, location and sender.

To mitigate risk, specialised sensors can and should be installed in premises to detect hazardous substances, gas, chemicals and carbon monoxide. There are even perimeter warning detectors for dangerous wildlife if this is a field you work in.

Other tech gadgets such as wearable devices can sound off alerts if a lone worker is experiencing distress – perfect for parking enforcement officers. These devices are fitted with GPS technology, it can send an emergency signal and location coordinates to help emergency responders find the lone worker on time.

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When it takes some time for emergency services to reach a lone worker, an employee may reach for a lone worker emergency first aid kit to address the crisis, and that is where Fireco comes in.

Functional first aid kits for lone workers are entirely different than those that are suited for multi-employee sites. These kits need be more comprehensive to provide your lone worker proper protection.

A lone worker first aid kit should be adequately stocked with the following items:

A well rounded first aid kit that covers much of everything is ideal. It’s always better to anticipate all the possible field emergencies and have certain items in a lone worker’s first aid kit on standby whether or not it ever gets used. Just make sure to refill or update any items after use or upon expiration. Of course, portability and weight is another concern when it comes to a lone worker first aid kit. It has to be accessible and lightweight.

First aid kits for lone workers along with comprehensive safety training go a long way in protecting personnel in their work environment.

If you need a starter lone worker first aid kit you can check out Fireco’s emergency supply page, or contact us for your other emergency and safety supply needs. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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