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Whangarei Fire Safety Training for Employees: What You Should Know

Fire Training

Fire is a big risk to a business’ success. The consequences of a fire breaking out are serious- you can lose assets, and you can lose employees.

But the probability of a workplace fire can be mitigated through fire preparedness and proper fire safety prevention. We all want a good outcome when it comes to dealing with any kind of risks.

Any small-to-medium business is capable of promoting basic fire safety, and they can do this by carrying out regular fire safety training for employees through the help of Whangarei fire safety experts Fireco.

Success with fire safety can be measured in many different ways. You can get employees adequately trained on what to do in the event of a fire. You can get new and old workers alike up to speed, even when one worker resigns; there are other employees in the workplace knowledgeable enough of fire safety to look out for the welfare of others. Don’t forget refresher training should be given at least once a year. With that, a basic rule should be informing new employees of fire safety procedures on their first day of work.

Fire safety training should be carried out on a consistent basis and should be appropriate to the workplace. The scale of the training would depend on the floor layout, size and the nature of the facility. The fire training will factor in any flammable, hazardous elements or equipments that are used in the workplace.

Common fire safety topics covered in fire safety training are:

  • Proper fire evacuation training.
  • Handling a fire extinguisher.
  • Using a fire blanket.
  • Identifying fire extinguisher labels.
  • Understanding fire safety symbols and signs.
  • Fire escape routes in the workplace.
  • First-aid response.
Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training teaches employees what to do in case of:

Raising the fire alarm early is crucial for everyone’s survival. Activating the building’s fire alarm system or calling emergency services to alert them of a fire is the best initial response to a fire situation.

Personal safety should not be compromised, hearing a fire alarm should result in basic fire safety training kicking in. So the first order of business is to head for the nearest exits in an urgent, yet calm and orderly manner. Employees will do a head count at the designated assembly area outside and account for any co-workers missing.

During fire safety training, personnel are made aware at length of the evacuation procedures that’s tailored to the floor plan of their workplace. They should be aware of all the escape routes and final exits.

With extinguishers readily available attempting to tackle a fire on your own can be tempting, but not without risks. An employee should know the conditions of when a fire is still manageable to take on without putting their lives at risk.

First, never attempt to put out a fire that has engulfed the whole room. Second, if there is visibly a heavy smoke condition- that’s black heavy smoke – this is not the fire you can take down. A fire bigger than an office waste basket is no longer a starting fire that can be nipped in the bud by a fire extinguisher.

When handling a fire extinguisher always have a clear exit to your back, avoid backing against a wall or a locked door. Always have your means of escape in your line of sight.

Fire safety workshops don’t just teach how to raise a fire alarm and head out the door. You need to learn more how fire works, how to operate different fire extinguishers, and how to look out for the safety of others. This kind of knowledge is invaluable and something any employee would be thankful to learn, as this know-how can be used not just at work, but in their homes as well.

If you’re planning your annual or bi-annual fire safety training for your employees, get in touch with Fireco. Most employees don’t expect to use a fire extinguisher, but we’ll show them how and how to effectively use fire suppressants to fight fire in the workplace.

Get to know more of our fire safety courses. Call Fireco NZ today at 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz and schedule a Whangarei fire safety training for all your employees.
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