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Whangarei Fire Protection Systems for Buildings and Properties

Whangarei Fire Protection Systems for Buildings and Properties

What are Fire Protection Systems?

Fire protection systems exist to alert building occupants that a fire has occurred.

Something as small as wire fraying or an appliance overheating can cause a fast build-up fire to escalate. The danger with that kind of fire, if upper floor residents are not alerted, they end up trapped in a smoky stairwell or eventually a burning building. Such a tragedy can be prevented through active fire protection.

Active fire protection frameworks are rapid response specified systems that primarily function as early detection devices. They are also able to function as fire suppression equipment when activated by heat, smoke or manually triggered.

While the price of professionally planned fire protection systems may seem pricey at first, the aftermath of not installing such a system in the first place could be costly, if not greater, if you count the possible loss of lives.

Why put many lives in harm’s way when it can be prevented in the first place?

Safety should always be paramount.

Fire safety systems are there for prevention and suppression reasons, to protect both people and property.

In terms of assets, active fire protection systems can save your expensive equipment and machinery especially if the fire occurs during non-working hours and there is no human activity. Built-in fire sprinklers can start an early fire fight, or trigger intricate suppression systems such as Carbon Dioxide panels. Here C02 is released in the fire area to displace oxygen, therefore, snuffing out the fire. This fire suppression action can happen while local emergency services are on their way to your premises.

Other modes of fire protection can include basic fire extinguishers, fire pumps, fire hose reels, passive fire solutions, or more advanced fire detection and suppression systems.

While there is a legal compliance requirement for structures and buildings to have a reliable fire system installed, the difficulty is often in the upkeep of such specified systems, sometimes management and property owners have a difficult time keeping track of their compliance duties.

But you can rely on fire safety professionals in Whangarei for such responsibilities which can include keeping testing records, updating specified systems and making archival fire safety documents available as needed.

Fire Safety Range

Fire hazards will always exist and vary depending on the nature of the business, but if you work with a professional fire expert, they can help identify fire hazards and threats to properly form an efficient fire safety plan.

Small and mid-range properties can be equipped with reliable and tested conventional systems that are economical for their size. Besides being easier to maintain, such a system will suffice and pass council compliance requirements. However, larger spaces such as commercial and industrial facilities will need more complex fire suppression systems as they have generally more complex requirements and a bigger working population to keep safe.

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Get a Fire Safety Specialist on Board

Fireco specialises in the best fire safety and fire protection systems available. We install and cover Auckland and Northland.

Our fire safety specialists can provide you the professional advice you need to help maintain your conventional or complex fire protection systems. We undertake routine fire safety inspections and can complete a fire risk assessment of your premises, advising you on the best next steps.

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