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Whangarei Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) – How to Complete the Process

Whangarei Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) – How to Complete the Process

In New Zealand, a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is an official document that confirms that specified system(s) installed in a building, that is also listed on a compliance schedule, has been properly and safely maintained according to the high standards of the NZ Building Act 2004. This process also assures that a building is tested and proven to be safe for use by the public.

BWoF’s are always about public safety. A BWoF is the primary evidence that the owner has maintained or has sought the help of compliance professionals to maintain the systems to the standards set in the previous year.

But who needs a BWoF?

Properties such as commercial spaces, industrial buildings and office blocks are usually the ones that require a BWoF. A home that has been or is serviced by a lift would also need one. Basically, any large structure fitted with a specified system.

The BWoF Process in a Nutshell

The Building Warrant of Fitness was created to ensure the safety of a property and everyone that occupies it. The Building Act summarises the scope in evaluating the conditions of a specified system. This will ensure that these systems mentioned in your compliance schedule are in good condition.

Also known as Form 12, the Building Warrant of Fitness is an official legal document that states that all of the specified systems installed in a building have undergone a maintenance, testing, and reporting process over the past 12 months.

The process of completing the BWoF includes:

  1. Meetings between the building owner or the manager and an independent qualified person (IQP).
  2. An IQP is qualified and trained to facilitate the specified system testing and reporting process. They are specialists that are able to work on specified systems such as automatic doors, fire systems, and extraction systems. IQPs make sure that these automated and mechanical systems are functioning safely as intended.
  3. As soon as the Independent Qualified Person completes the process, they will then proceed in completing the required documentation before the deadline which is the yearly BWoF expiry date. They will then process these forms while affixing their signature and submitting the documents before the local council.
  4. Once approved, the building owner should display it in public area for everyone to see. The BWoF should be easily seen by anyone entering the building. Not doing so may penalise you or at worst become grounds for legal action. That said, you should keep all the pertinent forms and other documents associated with acquiring your BWoF for at least two years.

Understandably, securing a BWoF requires your full attention, so get professionals on board if you feel overwhelmed with the BWoF process. They can complete the task professionally and as efficiently as possible especially if there are many issues with your specified systems.

Today, there are a lot of consultancy companies that serve as an agent for BWoF services. This is perfectly legal as they are there to coordinate and manage the timeframe of your BWoF. They will assist you in finding the right people for the job such as registered IQPs and contractors who specialise in various specified systems. They will seek out people that have the most experience, training, and qualifications to perform the complex tasks needed in the completion of a BWoF. You can also check for their legitimacy via online registers.

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