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The Importance of Installing a Fire Alarm Professionally


The Importance of Installing a Fire Alarm Professionally

A fire can happen at any time. Statistics show that most fires happen when occupants are asleep. Let’s face it after a long day we are probably deep-sleepers, and are harder to rouse from the bed than we think. Even if we aren’t is that a risk you wish to take? The only thing that with almost absolute certainty that can alert an occupant in time is the sound and constant blinking of a properly installed fire alarm.

Whether you’re just moving into a new home in Whangarei or been living in your Auckland property for quite a while, having a fire alarm installation done is a must. And please don’t find an excuse not to install a fire alarm because the downside of not getting one often leads to tragic consequences. An effective fire alarm installation is what will save you, your family, and property from property fires. 

First, let’s get one question out of the way. Can anyone install a fire alarm on their own? 

Yes, of course, but an attempt at a DIY fire alarm installation might not result in getting things done correctly especially if there’s more than one fire alarm that needs to be placed in the property. Also, consider the size of the premises, if it has several floors and many rooms, then you should consider an interconnected fire alarm system and that should certainly be professionally installed.


Let us tell you why you should hire professionals when it comes to having a fire alarm installation in Whangarei and Auckland:

Fire alarms will protect all the occupants of a property in case of a fire. But what will protect you from a faulty fire alarm system? Hiring Fireco to install your fire alarms and maintain it for you is the answer.

Simply replacing old fire alarms might be something you can do when you have free time, but installing an entirely new one is no easy feat. Think about all the hours you might have to spend watching DIY videos and also thinking about plans for wiring. Fire alarm installation experts know precisely where a fire alarm unit should be placed. You can rely on their expertise, so you can sit back and relax, and spend your time on more important things.

For rental properties, the installation of a fire alarm is a legal requirement for regulated fire safety compliance. Property owners can be fined up to $4000 for non-compliance, so make sure that your fire alarm installation is up to standard.

Interconnecting all fire alarms within the property is not something you can learn overnight, there’s no room for errors here. The fire alarm has to work properly when a fire breaks out, and by having your fire alarms interconnected, it will protect all areas of the home. If one fire alarm sounds off in the living area, it will relay an alert signal and trigger all the fire alarms in the property.

Installing a fire alarm system means you are integrating a specific system with other emergency protection systems already functioning within the property. Also, some smoke alarms require hardwiring directly into the primary electrical source of the property. The hardwiring and interfacing of these systems should be done and tested by professionals, as they can map out where the alarms and wires should go.  

By getting Fireco to install your fire alarm system, you will you have the fire alarm experts maintaining the fire alarm units, and also have regular safety checks on your specified systems. Isn’t it much better to allocate some cash for professional fire alarm installation than to have to purchase an entirely new property because you decided to get thrifty on fire safety?

There are conventional fire alarms, and then there are modernised and digital systems available in the market nowadays. Digital-based fire systems are also known to be more affordable in recent days but also quite more complex to install. The Fire and Emergency New Zealand services do recommend long-life photoelectric type smoke alarms for most homes. 

When you hire Fireco to do a fire alarm installation in your property, you can inquire beforehand about the latest fire alarm model or ask for a simple fire safety assessment like whether your old fire alarms need to be replaced. 

Trust the Northland Fire Alarm Installation Experts!

When it comes to fire safety, you can trust professionals like Fireco NZ because we are experienced with dealing with these types of fire protection systems. Fireco is dedicated to creating fire safety solutions that are specific to your business, home, or school.  We understand the science and mechanics behind simple and complex fire alarms, and we know many lives depend on our installation skills. Trust us to do a reliable and fire compliant installation. Being the foremost fire safety experts in Northland and the Whangarei area, we built a name that clients trust.

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