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The Best Fire Suppression Systems available in North Shore, Whangarei

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In North Shore, fire suppression systems are preventive measures that are designed to extinguish fires. They are also very effective in containing the spread of fire and smoke.

There are many different kinds of fire suppression systems that are specifically tailored to the type of building or business in North Shore.

In many North Shore business you’ll find an array of different systems installed. That’s why Fireco should be your trusted fire specialists. There are portable and fixed systems with a variety of extinguishing mediums, these are hosted through reliable pressure mechanisms with a steady rate of flow and cooling volume.

Fire suppression systems are created to handle fire hazards of almost any scale. Controlling a fire as fast as possible is crucial to be able to save lives and reduce any damage it can inflict upon your property before fire emergency services arrive.

Though most people in North Shore are familiar with fire suppression systems that extinguish fires using water dispersal, there are other types that are meant to counter fire without damaging the contents of the room which can range from electronics, computers, sensitive medical equipment, antiques, or high-valued storage items.

Fireco top recommended fire suppression systems available in North Shore:

Chemical Agent Fire Suppression System

Dry chemical powders such as mono-ammonium phosphate or sodium bicarbonate is released during a fire. Dry chem suppression systems are very effective in snuffing out fires and not damaging contents in a room unlike water suppression systems. However, since it is powder, it can get everywhere and extensive cleaning is required after. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings.

Inert Gases Fire Suppression System

Inert gases are quite similar to CO2 systems, they remove the presence of oxygen so that combustion will not take place. They are also quite versatile as they flow through the piping much better and thus, inert gases can be stored in areas away from the fire source. Though gaseous in form they are relatively safe to release in spaces where there are people present, they do not cause suffocation.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression Systems

CO2 Fire Suppression Systems are often used in industrial, archival and high-value storage settings. Once released, it immediately covers the whole area in gas stopping combustion in its tracks by reducing oxygen. Before C02 is release, the fire suppression systems initiates a warning, people should not be around when the gas is released as it removes oxygen entirely from the space. CO2 Fire Suppression Systems do not need any specialised clean-up after its release, however proper ventilation protocols should be in place once people decide to occupy the room again.

Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems

This is either the traditional water sprinkler system we’re all familiar with or the new ultra-fine pressure mist systems. Water-based systems are inexpensive and often connected to the building’s water reserves making fire-fighting easier through continuous flow-rate and pressure.

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