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Test and Tag Northland: Keeping your Electrical Equipment and Appliances in Check


A basic workplace rule should be to keep every employee safe. That’s why Auckland and Northland companies invest in methods that ensure employee safety such as checking for faults with equipment’s and machinery.

One such method that just takes a few minutes is called Test and Tag- this is to test the state of every electrical item used in the workplace.

Any electrical device or appliance that uses a flexible power cord and plugs into a 240-volt or 415-volt socket is subjected to proper test and tag procedures. It is a must for any workplace or organisation to remain compliant, and this is not just for factories or offices, this can include schools, shops and community centres.

Failure to implement test and tag can mean a liability in case a staff member gets injured or worse, dies in the work area, because of faulty electrical devices.

Benefits of Electrical Testing and Tagging:

  • Prevent fires and workplace fire hazards.
  • Make the most out of the serviceable life of your electrical equipment.
  • Prevent premature failure of any electrical equipment.
  • Avoid the legal costs of an electrical accident in the office.
  • Prevents unnecessary injury and deaths in the workplace.

No workplace should be hazardous. It would be great to regularly check your tools, appliances, power cords, and other electrical devices.  To do so would require someone in your workplace who is professional licensed electrician, or a technical person with the proper training. You may also hire the services of fire safety experts or Test and Tag professionals – and this is where Fireco can help!

Fireco can do that for you.

A lot of businesses fail to properly test and check their electrical machinery, and it has led to devastating results. Our testing and tagging process in Auckland and Northland is contingent on several steps in identifying all of the electrical devices and components in a work area:

First, we start by checking for any physical defects and issues with any item. This includes ensuring that power cords are properly connected to its plugs and there are no frayed ends or open circuits present. Pests have a way of gnawing through electrical cords, and most often than not people do not notice any frayed wires until it is too late. Each of these electrical components will be tested to confirm that everything works as intended.

We are using the best technologies and the latest electrical meters in testing appliances to check for any defects in electrical circuits, including insulation resistance, Earth leakage, and polarity issues. Our electrical specialist will know through precise meter readings if everything is in order.

Tagging is essential and shouldn’t be set aside for another day. When we do our Test and Tag, we make use of professionally coded tags for a clearer and simpler inventory of your electrical devices. Each of them will be attached with its unique tag that contains the name of the item, the specialist’s name, date of the test, and when should it be tested next.

If ever an electrical device fails our rigorous testing process, they will be tagged accordingly, it will not be put back in the work area and we will inform the client as soon as possible. These failed devices can pose a threat to the user and the workplace and should not be used further. The item can either be repaired or replaced with a new one.

As part of our excellent service, our clients will receive a comprehensive report for the test and the tag procedure that we have done without any additional charge. We will also be happy to provide you with a compliance letter as part of proof that your workplace meets the NZ compliance standards. Our report can be a great help in keeping up your equipment inventory.  

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The Best Test & Tag Service in Northland

We do all the required and rigorous Test & Tag procedures at your convenience. We will make sure that your workday flows smoothly, and that business hours will not be disrupted as we conduct the all the necessary testing.

We always keep our client’s safety in mind; we keep a database of Test & Tag schedules so that we can give any client ample time to decide from their end, the best time for their next Test & Tag of their electrical equipment.

If you’re looking to Test & Tag soon, contact the Aucland and Northland Test & Tag professionals, call Fireco NZ at 0800 101 232. We prevent fire and electrical hazards that can potentially endanger your workplace or your business. Stay safe, call us today!

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