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Test and Tag is it more than a tick list? – Here’s Why

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As a business owner it’s your main responsibility to make sure that your business stays compliant and safe from workplace hazards. By doing so you are a conscientious business owner who cares about following the legislation and protecting your staff.

One cannot begin to stress how important it is to make sure all your workplace appliances, electronics and equipment have undergone a safety audit prior to use.
This kind of testing goes by many names: Testing and Tagging, Electrical Testing, PAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing.

But the process follows a universal standard and only licensed professionals with the proper electrical training can do the appropriate testing.

Test and tag is not something you brush aside, or tick off once you’re done with the testing. Fire safety goes a long way, and the Test & Tag method can teach everyone a lesson or two about being mindful about electrical safety in the workplace.

If that doesn’t convince you at all of its importance, then refer to AS/NZS 3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment which requires many NZ workplaces to stay responsible and compliant. When the law says so, its foolish not to comply.

That said, Testing and Tagging will benefit your employees, as they indirectly learn what to look out for, and know when equipment is not fit for use. Usually there will be someone who will keep on using a piece of equipment as long as it’s plugged in, and it keeps on working, despite indications it shouldn’t be. Not even duct tape can save someone from potential electrocution.

When an appliance is broken, it should be unplugged and head to the bin, no matter how much it costs. If you find the idea of throwing it in the bin such a waste, then have a professional take a look at it. Test and tag can properly determine which electrical items in your production area, office or wider work environment are safe to use, and those that aren’t.


Types of Equipment for Test and Tag

There are many kinds of electrical equipment in a workplace- there’s the big and chunky stationary equipment, wheel-bound or light moveable equipment and of course, there’s the hand held appliances or electric tools. Of all the three, hand held appliances are more commonly damaged than the stationary ones, since they get handled more often and by many people at longer intervals, and not everybody is careful when handling tools.

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What is Test and Tag?

Test and Tag is a process of examining electrical equipment for any breaks, damage, loss of contact to connections, wiring problems which includes cord and plugs up to 240v or 415v, previously dismantled electrical items, imported electronics of different volts, and demo items used as samples. This inspection is all done by a competent electrical professional.

After checks and visual examination is done, electrical testing with appropriate meters follows. Each item of electrical equipment in your work area undergoes a detailed test and tag procedure, depending on the services you require, the following tests are done:

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Once the item is tested, it is then tagged accordingly with a FAIL or PASS sticker and noted in an official report that it is safe to use (or not).

Testing and Tagging in Whangarei, Northland and Auckland, ensures preventative maintenance. If employees using your workplace electrical equipment report signs of damages as soon as they become noticeable, this mitigates any chance for it becoming a fire risk particularly if your electrical equipment is situated next to chemicals or combustibles.

Though there are many causes to why you should test and tag regularly, keep in mind that your number one reason should always be safety.

At Fireco, we do thorough, efficient and cost-effective Test and Tag services across Northland, Auckland and of course Whangarei. We have the professional experts who can come over to your workplace and do the appropriate visual inspections and PAT testing.

To get a regular Tag & Test done at your work place, we can prepare you with a detailed quote based on the electrical equipment and your specific business needs. Call us at Fireco on 0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz

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