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Staying Safe at Work: Test and Tag of Electrical Equipment

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Electrical insulation on old and new cables, appliance cords, switches, and connections should always be in good condition, but these electrical parts can still fail due to a variety of factors such as stress, constant movement, moisture, extreme temperatures, and everyday mechanical wear-and-tear, as well as the effects of the material aging over time. 

This can cause machinery failure or worse fatal injury.

It is your primary job as a business owner to ensure that your company is compliant and safe from workplace hazards. You are a diligent business owner who cares about his or her employees if you do so. It is impossible to overstate the importance of doing a safety audit on all of your workplace appliances, devices, and equipment prior to usage.

What is Test and Tag?

Testing and tagging is an electrical service that ensures the safety of your electrical products. This is done to discover potential electrical risks, such as old, damaged, and faulty equipment.

 A licensed electrical specialist inspects the safety of each electrical device during the test and tag process.

Testing and tagging, electrical testing, PAT testing, and portable appliance testing are all terms used to describe this type of testing. However, the procedure adheres to a uniform standard, and only certified electricians with the necessary training can do the necessary tests.

Always Stay Safe

Don’t be at a significantly higher risk of fires at the workplace.  A little bit of fire safety goes a long way, and the Test & Tag method can teach everyone a thing or two about workplace electrical safety. 

If that isn’t convincing enough, consider regulations AS/NZS 3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, which requires many New Zealand workplaces to remain responsible and compliant. When the law says so, you must obey or thoroughly comply with safety procedures.

Depending on the services you require, each piece of electrical equipment in your work area is subjected to a thorough test and tag procedure.

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Testing and tagging consists of three steps:

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Here in Whangarei, Fireco provides Test and Tag services that are thorough, fast, and cost-effective. We have professional experts that can come to your place of business and perform the necessary visual inspections and PAT testing. Just give us a call!

We can provide you with a comprehensive price depending on the electrical equipment and your specific company needs if you need a regular Tag & Test at your workplace. Again, do call us at Fireco NZ at  0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz

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