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Protect against workplace electrical fires: How Test & Tag can save your life


workplace electrical fires

Testing workplace electrical appliances is much more than a best practice option, it’s an essential fire safety step.

Fireco offers comprehensive Test & Tag services that are fast, effective and professional; designed to protect your workplace and your staff from electrical appliance fires.

What is Test & Tag?

Test & Tag is a system that was developed to create a regular log of safety compliance checks on all electrical appliances within your workplace. The benefit of having your appliances, equipment and tools regularly tested for faults is twofold – not only are you protecting your business against fire risk, but you are also creating an indemnity when it comes to identifying the cause of any workplace fire. This is a large part of why many of our clients choose to have regular Test & Tag services: prevention, and protection.

Knowing workplace fire protection laws in NZ

We all know that Health and Safety regulations in New Zealand are comprehensive; however there are currently no hard and fast regulations around testing your workplace appliances for fire safety. It is, however, required by every business owner that all practicable steps are taken to ensure fire safety within the workplace. Should a fire be caused by a faulty appliance which hasn’t undergone regular scheduled maintenance, then it could easily become a chargeable offence, with fines of up to $600,000, and up to 5 years imprisonment.

Shona Kelly, Director of ReflectNZ, Health & Safety Northland, can’t overstress the importance of regular electrical checks for the workplace.

‘Proactive, scheduled maintenance is the key to ensuring that your workplace stays fire safe; alongside frequently checking the leads and plugs of all appliances in use. The Test & Tag service is very important; and it works hand in hand with employees taking personal responsibility for visually checking the appliances and leads they are using.

The first three months of ownership of a new appliance are covered by the manufacturers’ warranty, but after that every appliance must be part of a scheduled maintenance plan.’

While the specifics of appliance safety testing aren’t referred to directly, according to Shona, the legislation in NZ does say that ‘a PCBU (a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) must take all practicable steps top ensure that all risks and hazards are managed in a workplace.’

Shona’s experience within the Health and Safety system of NZ has seen her come into direct exposure with many workplace safety issues – and electrical fires are an ever-present threat.

Fireco Test & Tag: steps to checking your electrical appliances

So how does Test & Tag work? Simple! We keep a current log of all your electrical appliances, updating the list every time we come in. We make regular scheduled visits to check over all electrical appliances, using the following process:

  1. Visually Inspect all your equipment
  2. Carry out all the correct and necessary electrical tests according to the Standard AS/NZS3760:2010
  3. Put a ‘PASS’ label on the equipment only when a) and b) above have been completed and the equipment passed
  4. Use labels that are very tough and rugged and that comply with the requirements of all Standards
  5. Save actual test results in ‘real’ time to a secure memory on the tester
  6. Provide from e) above reports with values as well as PASS and FAIL results
  7. Put information on the tags for easy audit by the customer
  8. Give real value for money with very competitively priced testing

Our Test & Tag team at Fireco use the latest technology to thoroughly and comprehensively test workplace appliances; leaving no room for error.

Protect your team, protect your business, and protect yourself with scheduled appliance testing services! Contact our team today for a no-obligation site visit.




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