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Northland Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Recharge Services

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A big breakout fire can spell a huge disaster for any business. It’s no shock that even one single fire incident can cause millions in property damage and loss of operational income in a matter of minutes. This alone can put an abrupt stop to your business plans, but there are many ways to prevent fires, such as having  fire extinguishers as part of your company’s key fire safety plan. That said, fire extinguishers are an absolute must-have for Northland companies, they also help you stay safe and compliant with building code regulations in new Zealand.

Keeping your Northland Workplace Fire Safe

A fire starts small. It can be from a faulty electrical device in the work area, or a paper pile left near a heat source. All unexpected, all accidental, yet definitely preventable.

Here’s where fire extinguishers come in handy- in any fire emergency, using a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire can protect  your property from being totally engulfed in flames and even save lives in the process. It’s your first line of defence until the fire emergency services arrives.

That said, a fire incident can definitely shift your priorities towards safety.

So how do companies secure their fire extinguishers ? How many do they acquire for fire safety? And how often do they have fire extinguishers recharged, on average?

You may have these pertinent questions in mind, if you’re given the responsibility of fire safety at the workplace or if you’ve just acquired a new property. So where does one begin?

The best solution would be to start with a reputable fire safety expert in Northland to give you sage firefighting advice. In fact, you can call Fireco today for a quick consult!

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Shop for new or recharge your old fire extinguisher unit?

How old is that fire extinguisher hanging in the hallway? If you have no idea, then that’s the first clear step- check your fire extinguisher unit and its last servicing date.

Also do a quick visual inspection and note if there’s any of the following:

This is just a quick check you can do on your own. For a more detailed and thorough inspection, a Northland fire safety specialist can do that for you.

If the unit is not yet recharged, give a used or empty fire extinguisher a second life by calling the fire extinguisher servicing experts near you. If you’re not keen on having a service refill, you can always purchase a new affordable one.

Why you should get a fire extinguisher today?

It’s very important to own and store one or several fire extinguishers on your premises, making sure it covers common work areas. The best thing is to position the unit close to a door way or hallway that’s clearly in view. Fire extinguishers should always be accessible, easy to grab and not obstructed by clutter.
Along with fire extinguishers , properties should also have smoke alarms and fire sprinkler system installed in the premises. This will truly help prevent the rapid escalation of a starting fire.

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Northland's Best Fire Extinguisher Services

Your one-stop full service for fire extinguishers should start with Fireco in Northland.

When you choose to call Fireco to ensure the safety and functionality of all your firefighting equipment in your property. You can expect an initial risk assessment by our professional fire safety expert- we’ll simply ask you a few questions and come over to check the condition of your fire extinguishers. We will then inform you of the next best step to get your fire safe and compliant, whether you choose to refill and recharge your fire extinguishers, or purchase new ones, we will always give you the best advice for your situation.

Need affordable fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher servicing in Northland? Not a problem, call us at Fireco 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz

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