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Key Benefits of Having Fire Safety Training in Whangarei

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The news is always filled with stories of mistakes and tragediesIncidents where employees get trapped in a stairwell just inches from an exit door; A fire breaks out in a facility where thick smoke renders most of the workers unconscious due to an electrical fire; A small blaze from a cigarette butt is left uncontrolled due to a defective fire extinguisher and non-working sprinklers. 

Fires can cause structural damage, render businesses inoperable and result in the loss of lives. 

Such scenarios can be avoided by having a fire prevention plan that can ensure the safety of employees during a fire emergency. How they respond in the first few seconds during an emergency matters, and their success relies on the necessary workplace fire safety equipment made available by the company or building owner. 

Simple Steps can save Lives

Fire safety in the workplace is essential, but for it to be effective, everyone has to get basic fire safety training and a refresher course to get really involved in the process. This could make all the difference in saving and protecting the lives of those around you, not just for today, but in all aspects of your business. 

That said, fire safety training should be on your annual to-do list, and if you can spare the resources, you should have such safety training courses every six months. This is particularly beneficial for companies with a large workforce or for those which have employees in rotation at different office branches. Employee turnaround is also another thing to consider- you do not want to be left with new hires with no knowledge of fire safety training. One must make sure that there’s always someone present in the team with the know-how of fire safety protocols and evacuation procedures.  

Why is Fire Safety Training Important in Whangarei, New Zealand? 

Fire safety training courses can empower employees to take action when a lifethreatening emergency happens.  Fire Safety Training can allow staff to take charge whilst looking out for their colleagues’ welfare. Those who have undergone fire safety training have life-saving skills that they can use to their advantage. Better yet, they know what to do when they reach out for that fire extinguisher on the hallway or stairwell. They’ll know the nearest exits and how to get everyone out safely. 


What does a Basic Fire Safety Training Course entail? 

Our Fire Training is a 2 hour course which consist of: 

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The best fire protection is still prevention. You can create a culture of safety by organising a successful and effective fire safety training programme that’s tailored to your company’s size and needs. 

If you’re a Northland or Auckland company looking to improve safety provisions and compliance, consult with the leading NZ fire safety expert, Fireco.  

Practicing fire prevention and safety in the workplace shouldn’t be too hard, in fact, with the right fire safety training it should become second nature to most. 

Be ready for anything today! Let your employees get the fire safety training they deserve. Get in touch with us for a consultation on fire safety in the workplace. Call us at Fireco; 0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz 

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