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Installing your Smoke Alarms: Fire Safety in Whangarei


Smoke alarms are life savers. The loud sound they blast out give occupants time to escape a burning property.

If a fire has started during your sleep, early smoke alarm activation can stir people awake before the fire escalates to rapid fire status known as the flashover.

When a fire goes beyond the flashover point, the chances of survival drops as the intense heat and thick black smoke will overrun the premises.

The New Zealand Building Code clearly states that every kind of property- old, new or undergoing development- must have the latest smoke alarms installed in key areas. This includes entry points, common areas, and sleeping areas.

Smoke alarm installation should be made a minimum of 3 meters from doors. Test should also be done whether the alarm sound is loud enough to be heard through closed doors. This is no less than 75 dBA. Yes, quite annoying to the ears, but enough to wake anyone up from deep slumber.

Most people become complacent about the state of their smoke alarms, but there are some measures you can do to make sure they are working properly.


Check your smoke alarms to make sure:

Once a smoke alarm sensor is triggered, this relays the same warning command to the other smoke alarms in the property. So if a fire starts in the basement, the smoke alarms in the upstairs bedrooms should activate and make the residents aware of the fire.

or that its connection to the property’s main electrical system is unhindered. If you find your smoke alarm making small chirping noises consistently, it’s a sign the battery needs to be replaced.

Poor installation can affect the function and performance of a smoke alarm unit. Installation mistakes can even take its toll on the lifespan of the smoke alarm. Having a fire safety professional do it ensures that the standards and instructions advised by the manufacturers are met.


Whangarei Fire Alarm Installation

Looking for commercial far alarm installation for your business to meet NZ building compliance regulations? Consult Fireco on the product selection and installation of smoke alarms in your commercial property. We can advise you what unit is best for your facility, interior layout and location. Along with the proper electrical wiring requirements and upgrades, we can also see to it that the number of smoke alarms adequately covers your premises.

No business is immune to fire threats. It is only through judicious fire safety and prevention that you can protect your business, employees and assets.

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Want to know about the latest Whangarei smoke alarms and fire alarm installation fees? Need the latest Photoelectric and Ionisation smoke alarm units? We have it all!

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