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Hotel fire safety – keeping your guests safe from Auckland to Northland

When it comes to hotel fire safety, Auckland and Northland-wide, we are the team to call!

When you own a hotel, motel or hostel, your fire safety needs become more complex than those of other businesses. Luckily, the Fireco team are here to make sure your hotel or motel meets all its requirements, keeping your building and the people within it safe should a fire break out.

We are your fire safety experts, working with hotel and motel owners in Auckland and Northland to ensure they meet their building compliance needs, including supply and service of a full range of fire safety products. We also provide comprehensive training for you and your staff on the correct fire safety protocols. No matter how big or small your hotel, we’ll make sure you have the best products and training to keep everyone safe.

Building Act requirements

As an accommodation business owner, you have a great responsibility to ensure that the building, the staff and guests are protected if a fire should happen.

The Building Act 2004 outlines that in the event of a fire, people who are within that building must be able to escape easily. It also states that you must have appropriate hand-held fire-fighting equipment accompanied by correct signage to indicate where it is and how to use it. This equipment must be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure it’s working correctly, and it must be tested to meet regulation standards.

Fire safety products and services

We work with hotel and motel owners in Auckland and Northland to evaluate exactly which fire safety products and services each individual building needs. These include exit signs giving clear directions on how to reach the exits – we provide advice on where to place these vital signs, in order for them to be effective in an emergency.

We also supply, install and carry out maintenance on hand-held firefighting equipment for hotels. Our expertise allows us to quickly ascertain which pieces of firefighting equipment are appropriate for your hotel and where to place it.

Hand-held firefighting equipment training  – how and when to use it

Another vital service we offer is hand-held firefighting equipment training for your staff. It’s one thing to have the equipment on hand, but It’s only going to be effective if someone knows how to use it correctly.

We give clear and concise training to ensure that your staff knows how to use portable firefighting equipment and more importantly, when to use it. In our training sessions, we emphasise the need for your staff to get people out of the building, rather than charging in to fight the flames and potentially putting yourself at risk.

We teach your staff the correct way to use fire extinguishers, stressing the need for them to use equipment only when it is safe to do so.

Fire protection – Auckland Millennium Hotel

Our clients range from small hotels and motels right through to one of the biggest, such as the Auckland Millennium Hotel. With 452 rooms, a conference centre that includes 16 function rooms, this hotel represents a complex fire safety project.

Our professional team works with the hotel staff to ensure that this large building is fully compliant and meets all regulations of the Building Act 2004. We’ve ensured that all exit signage is placed in the most visible places to communicate clearly to guests where they need to go in a fire. We’ve placed hand-held firefighting equipment in strategic points all over the hotel, which we regularly service, maintain and replace.

If you’re a motel, hotel, resort or hostel owner, talk to Fireco, your fire safety professionals.

Contact us today to discuss your hotel fire safety needs, and we’ll make sure you have the right products and services to give your hotel, staff and guests the protection they need.

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