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Getting your business fire ready for Christmas

Closing your business for the Christmas holidays? Stay safe with Fireco!

We’re almost at the end of another hardworking business year, and many businesses are slowly packing up, checking holiday rosters and organising their clients for the big break. The team here at Fireco won’t be closing our doors over the holiday period, but we want to send out a Christmas message to all businesses who are – so before you get your jingle bells on, take a few moments to read these sober words of safety wisdom!

Fire safety for the Christmas holidays: don’t just turn it off – unplug it too!

We might all think this is the most obvious fire safety tip of all – but it’s amazing how many people forget to turn off their office appliances before locking and leaving. In fact – even the ones who remember to turn off their appliances aren’t following best fire safety practice. To be 100% fire safe through the festive season, we tell all of our clients to UNPLUG their office appliances before leaving – it’s an added level of safety that can mean the difference between coming back to an office, or coming back to a disaster.

Fire equipment for the holiday season: keep it visible and keep it current

When you’re locking the doors and turning out the lights (and unplugging the appliances!) don’t forget to check your existing fire equipment. If anything unexpected should happen while you’re away, first responders will need to find your fire equipment fast. Is it where it’s supposed to be? Is it easily accessible; clear from stacked boxes or Christmas decorations? And most importantly – is it still current and serviceable? We know how hard it is to keep on top of everything when you’re preparing your business for a shutdown period, but don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your fire safety equipment visible, accessible, and current.

Check the batteries before you leave

Yes – possibly another obvious one. It’s amazing how many people simply overlook this very quick process however, as it’s often not high on the priority list at this time of year. Checking the batteries in your fire alarms is an easy process that could save you thousands of dollars in damage, so it pays to take an extra 5 minutes before you walk out that door!

Security patrols and monitored alarms for Christmas

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is… secure! Having a monitored fire alarm system and a monitored security system in place for the festive season is possibly one of the smartest things you can do. Unfortunately, while you are off having a well-deserved break, low-lives can take the opportunity to enter your un-patrolled premises. Keep your work assets safe from fire and theft with a fully monitored service through the holiday break. Inner city security companies such as Northern Districts Security are best placed to offer effective security patrols and monitoring, and if your security alarm has the ability to link with your heat or smoke detectors, then you will be protected from every angle.

Stay safe this festive season with our holiday fire-wise tips; and if you’re looking for holiday fire equipment maintenance or fire product placement, contact our friendly team at Fireco!

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