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Get a Fire Report Done for your Building Consent Application

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Most of us when hearing the words ‘Fire Report’ would quickly assume this is about the fire incident report after a sweltering blaze. 

It’s not always the case, there many kinds of fire reports. 

In fact, another kind of fire report is written before any fire incidents occur. Sounds strange right? Not really. Truth is it is one of the most important fire documentations asked during the building consent application process.  

It goes by other names as well: this is also called as the ‘Building Code compliance fire report’ or the ‘fire report for building consent’. This is a required documentation by the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) that proves a number of fire safety features have been incorporated into your build. 

It is not application document you can prepare on your own, but in fact requires the expertise of a fire safety expert to complete. 

A fire report is part of the supporting information you will provide as a property owner intent on starting a construction project in Whangarei. 

It all started with the changes in the Building Act 2004 which incorporated the New Zealand Fire Service Commission into the building consent application process. The following year, the New Zealand Fire Service started reviewing, on behalf of the Fire Service Commission, the fire reports and fire designs submitted in the building consent applications. This is to ensure that safety features and best practice guidelines are followed in your building design. 

What is the purpose of a fire report? 

Primarily, it serves as a guide on how your building’s design information is presented and communicated to other building professionals no matter the methodology used. 

It provides specific documentation about fire safety engineering plan, which should be true to its detail in the entire construction layout. Generally, the fire report touches upon a number of fire safety highlights such as noting fire hazards, the fire load, the water supply available on site for firefighting and sprinklers. More importantly, it should outline the fire escape methods, the number and location of escape routes and with thiswhat kind of fire suppression, alarm and detection systems you plan to have installed. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your construction is, or whether your fire report was done by one or several fire safety professionals. The important thing here is it should be competently done because the long-term impact of these guidelines is always about safety. The local council wants to make sure all buildings constructed under their watch are consistently safe and won’t endanger the lives of the public. 

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In Whangarei, there’s Fireco and their partners when it comes to straightforward and detailed Fire reports.

At Fireco, we take great time and detail to prepare your fire report. We do a thorough sweep to analyse the information available within the construction plans which includes the nature of the business and your location. When we look at the fire safety features, we make sure it should be designed specifically for your building. Also, we will determine if the fire protection measures are sufficient.

Take heed that the fire report that we will do is tailored towards the specifics of your business. We do not handover generic copies. What you will receive is a fire report customised to your building situation. We will note what is currently correct in your building plans in terms of fire safety, and we will also let you know if there are recommendations for improvement prior to submitting your application for the building consent. We want to make sure that your fire report details are well-communicated and in accordance to the NZ building code.

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