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Fulfilling your Fire Safety Requirements in Kerikeri

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Fire safety experts are there whenever companies need practical and professional advice on fire safety precautions necessary for compliance with fire safety regulations. This covers the whole spectrum of fire safety issues from fire suppression systems, firefighting equipment and fire safety training.

Here’s what you need to get fire-safe and protected in Kerikeri:

1. Fire Risk Assessments

The first step towards fire safety is always a fire risk assessment

Here at Fireco, we conduct comprehensive and detailed fire risk assessment and checks to the highest safety standards. We will advise you on risks to your business that can put your safety   and those of staff and customers, on the line.

Our fire safety assessment services  include close inspection of the following: 

  • Routine fire extinguisher checks. 
  • Testing the functionality of fire suppression systems. 
  • Looking out for possible ignition sources and fire hazards. 
  • Visibility of fire signages.  
  • Checking fire exits and escape routes. 
  • Conducting fire safety training for staff. 

2. Fire Safety Training

Companies in Kerikeri are required to have safety measures in place for their employees, and to keep up to date with workplace hazards. Adequate fire safety training must be conducted so to ensure all individuals know what to do in the event of a fire.

We all know the outcome from a fire can be truly devastating. Most fire incidents are completely preventable. Efficient fire safety systems and guidelines are often overlooked, though there are practical and affordable steps Kerikeri businesses can take to reduce any potential fire risks.

If you do business in Kerikeri, contact Fireco for your fire safety training needs, we can conduct this at your workplace, on site or customise the training at a designated area of your choice.

3. Fire Extinguisher Services

A fire extinguisher can nip a starting fire in the bud before it can escalate any further or cause serious damage. However, fire extinguishers require routine maintenance checks to make sure they stay functional and fully dependable when a fire crisis strikes.

In Kerikeri, you can rely on a professional fire safety expert to inspect your fire extinguishers starting with the canisters- the valve, hose and all important parts. This is to make sure your fire extinguisher discharges properly when you need it most. We also can do refills for fire extinguishing agents when needed. That said, we provide top notch fire extinguisher servicing in Kerikeri from installation, supply and refills- everything you need all in one place.

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Know the Kerikeri Fire Safety Experts 

Given how much a fire incident can change everything for any business, its best to keep your employees and your property safe through the right fire safety measures. Here at Fireco, we offer fire safety services to all businesses in Kerikeri and throughout Whangarei.

We’ve helped all kinds of businesses in Kerikeri thrive without worry because they know they’re well-protected and ready for any fire emergency. Call the Fireco team today at 0800 101 232 or email us info@fireco.co.nz for your free consultation.

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