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Fireco on the impact of meth use on property value

Fireco has been part of the Northland business scene for over 2 years.  Through our work in the community we have seen first-hand the damage that meth/P can cause.  It is not only people who suffer, but property.

People who live in a meth contaminated house can suffer a wide range of adverse health effects.  If you live in a property that has had meth cooked in it, then these health effects can be very bad.  Owners of these properties often have very expensive clean up bills – +$30,000 clean-up costs are common. Northland homeowners have faced clean-up bills from as much as $5000 for lower contamination levels – where only use of the drug is traced, not production. Sure, some insurers protect you against this damage, but have you checked under what conditions ? Do that now !

Knowing there were problems in our community, we set out to find ways to help.  Over a year ago, we developed the skills to test properties that may be affected. We can easily and affordably conduct baseline and in-depth tests.

We feel it is needed that a reliable laboratory analyse the samples taken in order to provide an in-depth report on contamination levels and areas affected. Some in-field kits may give incorrect results, we do not use those at all. We are able to help our clients get access to testing services that help them avoid problems when they are buying property.  With over 54% of the hundreds of properties we sample/test, the results have come back positive. This is only Northland. This low cost, high value service is essential.

We also work with owners of existing investment properties to help them manage the risk.  We recommend that a test is conducted with the beginning and end of every tenancy.

Importantly, these properties are less likely to have meth problems. And a property without meth, is more attractive to better quality tenants, some of which will pay more to stay there.

Talk to the Fireco team to see how we can help protect you, your business or property from P!

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