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Fireco Evacuation Training Services: Keeping Auckland Businesses Safe

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Do you know what to do if a fire breaks out at your Auckland business or property?
Fires can cause extensive damage with incredible speed, capable of wreaking
havoc in a matter of minutes. In the event of a fire outbreak, safety should be
paramount, and the ability to respond swiftly and effectively can make all the

Not only is a comprehensive fire evacuation plan crucial to protecting lives and property, it’s the law.

The NZ Fire Emergency Service states that owners or tenants of certain types of buildings are required to have staff trained to undertake evacuation procedures. Read more about the evacuation requirements on their website

Whether you’re a seasoned fire safety expert or new to the concept of fire training, Fireco is your trusted partner in Auckland, offering top-notch evacuation training services and fire safety solutions. Get in touch with the team at Fireco to simplify your fire training, and read on to learn how you can make safety a priority in your Auckland business. 

Fire Safety Basics

Before diving into Fireco’s training services, let’s recap some crucial fire safety basics. Fires are fast and dangerous, making it vital to prioritise safety over heroics. Remember, never back yourself into a corner when attempting to extinguish a fire with a portable fire extinguisher.

What to Do During a Fire Emergency

  • Activate the Fire Alarm: If you discover a fire, your first action should be to activate the nearest fire alarm system and call emergency services. Interconnected fire alarms shut down AC systems to prevent smoke spread.
  • Assist Those in Need: If it’s safe to do so, assist individuals who are in immediate danger or unable to reach safety on their own.
  • Fire Extinguisher Use: If the fire is small or in its early stages use the nearest fire extinguisher, aiming the nozzle at the base of the fire. Recall any specialised fire training you’ve had.
  • Evacuation: If the fire has spread beyond control, evacuate the area through the nearest exit or stairway, closing doors behind you to contain the fire and smoke. Avoid using elevators because they can malfunction during fires.
  • Crawl in Smoke: If smoke fills the room stay low and crawl, as smoke rises and leaves air closer to the floor.

Fire Safety in Auckland: Why Choose Fireco?

Whether you’re in the process of planning an evacuation strategy, updating your current emergency training – or currently lack preparation entirely – Fireco is your go-to source for effective fire strategies and emergency evacuation plans tailored to your employees’ needs.

Local Expertise: Fireco is Auckland’s leading fire safety expert, offering advice on various safety concerns, recommending the best firefighting equipment, and providing reliable fire safety prevention campaigns.

Training Workshops: Fireco offers comprehensive fire training workshops and educational resources to ensure your employees are well-prepared in case of a fire emergency.

Safety Maintenance and Inspection: Fireco ensures your fire extinguishers are functional and ready for action with safety maintenance and inspections.

Ongoing Compliance: Fireco offers ongoing programs of evacuation schedules and reminders to keep your business compliant with current evacuation procedures and laws.


Protecting your business and employees from the devastating impact of fires is paramount. Fireco’s evacuation training services and fire safety solutions are here to support you in Auckland. Be proactive, prioritise safety, and partner with Fireco to ensure your workplace is prepared for any fire emergency.

Click here to read more about our fire safety training, and if you have questions, contact Fireco at 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz to start improving your fire safety plans today. Prevention is the key to fireproofing your work environment, and Fireco is your trusted partner in this endeavor.

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