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Fire Training Whangarei


Destructive fires continue to be one the biggest liabilities for Whangarei businesses. It is not just the loss of assets, data or equipment that’s heart breaking, but also people. Much should be done to prevent harm to workers.

If certain jobs allow employees undergo training to learn new specialised skill sets, such as operating machinery, computers or managing employees effectively. Why not make room for essential life-saving workshops such as basic fire safety training?

Whangarei fire safety training in a sense allows us to close the gap on unfamiliarity and safety illiteracy.

Here are many ways why fire safety training is so essential:

There should be no margin for error when it comes to workplace safety.

Fire safety training should cover all facility-specific escape routes and knowledge of firefighting equipment available. This also means making the fire safety practices relevant to the specific job and work area. For example, employees working in the kitchen should know how to handle a grease fire and what type of fire extinguisher to use for it.

Employee safety training programs should be effective and relevant.

How you react at a moment’s notice in an emergency matters which results in prioritizing personal safety and overall group safety at the same time. Fire safety teaches Northland employees to be resilient and capable when it counts.

No if or buts, everyone participates.

Every Whangarei employee from managers to clerks to interns, and even part-time employees should be included in the fire safety training. By having, everyone aware of workplace fire safety practices, everyone can make a big difference when a fire emergency happens.

Preparation is key.

Truth be told, your choice of action or inaction will either mean life or death. No one can predict how one would react, but we can all prepare for it through proper safety training. Here you are given concrete lessons and scenarios on what happens during a fire outbreak.

As employees, you are taught how to handle it best by taking action to
(1) Call emergency services,
(2) Lead people to safety and
(3) Even operate a fire extinguisher.

These little things add up, plus fire safety training lessons are well-worth learning, it’s the kind of knowledge that you take with you for the rest of your life.

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Whangarei Fire Safety Training: Get Updated

Here’s something to think about: A small breakout fire doesn’t care who’s in charge, it will go on a destructive rampage if not dealt with early. An employee with the correct safety training will be able to take quick action to snuff it out.

Safety training is a continuous process, it should be updated yearly or everytime there are a great number of newly-hired employees. Such emergency preparedness should be continually observed even under a change of management in the company. If you work with a fire safety expert in Whangarei such as Fireco, they can give you reminders of when to carry out your next fire safety training.

Need a customised fire safety training plan for your company in Whangarei?  Fireco can help motivate your employees to learn about safety and pick up essential firefighting skills in the process. We’ll come up with a fire safety plan that works best for you.

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