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Fire Safety Systems in Whangarei

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Fire safety is everyone’s business, it not just the responsibility of the property owner, but of managers, residents, and employees as well. It’s always important to prepare and know how to take action in the event of a fire emergency.

In Whangarei, fire safety systems are reliable protective measures that are customised to a building or structure’s layout, they are designed to manage, restrict and reduce the movement of fire and smoke until the fire brigade arrives.

They are not limited to built-in fire suppression systems, but this includes other important life safety systems as well, such as:

Each fire safety system has a different approach and role in addressing fires, but all of these fire safety fixtures are crucial to maintain a tight circle of fire protection in your premises. It’s not just one or the other, but a combination, with all working well together in combating any potential deadly fire.

Maintenance is a Must

Notwithstanding, Whangarei fire safety systems and all its components should have regular maintenance schedules. They should be evaluated for any hint of corrosion or accumulation of debris, or for any signs of impairmentFire Equipment is your first line of fire safety defense, they should be maintained and tested to be in full working order. If any part of your fire safety system is in need of repair, Fireco, the Whangarei fire safety experts should be called in right away. 

People have roughly two minutes to escape a deadly fire. Every second counts, and with a reliable fire safety system, it can get you not just valuable time to reach safety, but save your business from total financial devastation. According to the research of US-Based Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses never reopen after the event of a fire. Whilst a statistic from America, even half that figure would be devastating. 

Because Whangarei fire safety systems are often customised and complex, you’ll need the expert eye and experienced on hand of a Fireco, the whangarei fire safety experts. 

Here at Fireco, we have a customer-focused approach are a pursuit for unrivaled safety standards. Whether you need a residential or commercial grade fire alarm, an advanced suppression system installed, or an immediate need for the testing and repair of your fire extinguishers – we’ll be there ready to take on  inspection and maintenance work whenever you require our expertise and assistance. Our goal is to keep your business’ safe and compliant. Fire safety in Whangarei is always our utmost priority.  

Whangarei Fire Safety Services

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When it comes to fire safety in Whangarei, Fireco will make sure everything is in good working order.

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