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Fire Safety Solutions: Fireco’s Range of Fire Extinguishers, Blankets, Cabinets, and More


Fire safety is essential in any environment, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. The right fire safety equipment can make a critical difference in preventing fires from escalating and minimising potential damages to your property, family, or employees. Fireco is a leading provider of fire safety solutions, and we offer all the equipment you need to stay safe and minimse fire emergencies.

1. Fire Extinguishers: Your First Line of Defense

Fire extinguishers are essential tools that can swiftly suppress small fires, preventing them from spreading. Fireco offers a great selection of fire extinguishers tailored to different fire types, including those involving flammable liquids, electrical equipment, and ordinary combustibles. Buying your fire extinguisher from Fireco guarentees you’re sourcing it locally – which is key since it gives you access to a dependable supply and ongoing maintenance services.

Our extinguishers are designed for easy use and provide a critical means of intervention until professional help arrives.

If you’re looking to prevent fire damage in your home, read more about residental fire extingushers here.

If you’re interested in protecting your business during fire emergencies however, read more here.

2. Fire Blankets: Swiftly Smothering Flames

Fire blankets are important when you need to quickly smother small fires or wrap around someone to shield them from flames during evacuation. Fireco’s fire blankets are designed for ease of use and are an important addition to any fire safety plan, offering an important additional layer of protection.

3. Fire Cabinets: Safeguarding Valuables

Would your valuables be safe in a fire emergency? Fireproof cabinets are crucial for safeguarding valuable documents and assets during a fire emergency. Fireco’s fire cabinets are engineered to withstand high temperatures, providing a secure environment for your important items. These cabinets offer fire and water resistance, ensuring that what’s important to you remains intact in the face of a blaze.

4. Fire Hose Reels: Swift Response to Fires

Fire hose reels are an essential component for quickly addressing fires, particularly in larger spaces. Talk to the team at Fireco to make sure you install and position your fire hose reels strategically for easy access and rapid deployment in case of emergency.

5. Fire Safety Signs: Clear Guidance to Safety

In an emergency it’s critical that people can find their way to safety. Clearly visible fire safety signs are essential for guiding occupants to safety during an emergency. It’s also a legal requirement for most Northland buildings to have prominently displayed emergency signs. Read up on these legal requirements here.

Talk to the team at Fireco to get a better understanding of the legal requirements for your building too. Fireco offers a range of fire safety signs that clearly mark escape routes, emergency exits, fire assembly points, and more. These signs play a crucial role in minimizing confusion and ensuring a swift evacuation process.

6. First Aid Kits: Immediate Medical Assistance

In addition to fire safety equipment, having first aid kits on hand is vital for providing immediate medical assistance in case of injuries. Fireco’s first aid kits are well-equipped and designed to address a range of injuries, offering kits for travel, home, or the workplace, you can ensure that individuals receive care quickly during an emergency.

7. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Early Detection Saves Lives

In the realm of fire safety, early detection is vital, and this extends to both smoke and carbon monoxide hazards. Fireco’s advanced smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are equipped with sensors that swiftly detect and alert you to the presence of smoke or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. These alarms not only issue immediate alerts to occupants but also mean you can take action quickly, whether it’s evacuating due to a potential fire or addressing a carbon monoxide leak. By integrating Fireco’s alarms into your safety strategy, you’re ensuring a comprehensive defense against both fire and invisible threats like carbon monoxide, thereby providing an enhanced level of protection for everyone in the environment.

Fireco’s extensive range of fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire cabinets, fire hose reels, fire safety signs, first aid kits, and alarms, presents a complete approach to minimizing fire risks. These tools are designed to enhance safety measures, providing both prevention and intervention strategies to safeguard lives and property. Make sure you’re fully prepared by checking NZ Fire Emergency’s preparedness checklist here.

Prepare and protect with Fireco

By integrating Fireco’s high-quality fire safety solutions into your environment, you are taking a proactive step towards ensuring the utmost protection and preparedness in the face of potential fire emergencies. Visit Fireco’s website or contact the team to learn more about how you can make your environment safer.

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