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Fire Safety Assessments Whangarei – Why You Need One?


When you have your own business, it pays to plan ahead, and make strides in safeguarding your employees, assets, and customers. 

Every company needs a fire strategy besides being a requirement by the local council and, but also because, as a thriving business, you need to protect your future and mitigate risks. 

What is a Fire Strategy?

A fire strategy is about risk reduction, minimising the occurrence of a fire. This includes planning a means of escape for people on the premises, installing fire safety equipment, and regularly practicing fire safety measures. 

But how does one begin developing an effective fire strategy in Whangarei? 

Managing a business while wrangling council fire safety rules can be difficult and yes, far from fun. And to be honest, if you have your hands full with compliance requirements, perhaps you need professional help from fire safety experts.  

Get expert fire safety support and assessment for your Whangarei business. 

What benefits can you get from a Fire Safety Consultation? 

Fireco are fire safety professionals and proactive in the identification of risks or hazards

Fireco can make sure that buildings and company infrastructure currently under construction or in use are fully compliant with fire safety regulations (including Test and Tag).

When you work with the Whangarei fire expertsFireco, they’ll help you establish good incident management practices with employees. Improving their readiness even before a fire emergency occurs.

Expect comprehensive fire reports for your research and compliance can be arranged with our trusted partners.

Secure the fire suppression equipment (Fire extinguishers, fire blankets, alarms and more) you need. Furthermore the Northland fire experts can handle periodic inspections of fire extinguishers for compliance purposes.

They can ensure your business’ longevity and continuity by assessing the functionality and readiness of your installed alarm systems.

Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is a certificate which verifies that preventative maintenance repairs in the compliance schedule have been carried out in the last 12 months. If you are unsure how to proceed with a BWOF application in Whangarei or even a BWOF renewal, consult with the fire engineering expert in Northland – Fireco. 


When you talk to a fire specialist like Fireco, we will help you find the best fire safety solution for your company.  Keep compliant and safe. Consult with us today at 0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz 

So you can look forward to another business day with no worries. Leave your fire safety needs to us. 

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