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Fire Prevention Tips for your Whangarei Office

Fire Prevention Tips for your Whangarei Office

Fire safety in an office environment is very important concern for many companies in Whangarei. 

The potential for loss of life or lifelong injury from a fire outbreak is one of the most serious incidents that can happen in the workplace. It’s crucial that every company should have a comprehensive and updated fire safety program.  

That said, having an effective fire safety plan requires a solid commitment on the part of the company. Several measures must be taken which includes getting in touch with a reliable fire safety expert in Northland. Fireco is one of the top NZ fire safety professionals you can rely on. We can advise you on matters relateto fire suppression systems, alarm system standards, and fire safety planning. 

Improve your Workplace Fire Protection 

Though fires will always be a risk, one can always take steps to minimise its threat and save many lives in the process. You may say wrongfully be assuming hiring a professional fire safety company will cost a great deal, but the loss of life and the loss of property have a far greater and lingering cost. 

One straightforward way is to eliminate all possible fire hazards. This is by informing and training people to recognise what these potential hazards are. 

First is taking note of combustible and flammable materialsOf course, these are quite commonplace in most work environments, such as paper, cardboard and oils, but the amount you have in storage and its proximity from any heat or ignition source is something you should keep tabs on. It’s all about proper handling and storage, and carefully organising combustible and flammable materials in your work spaces, making sure they won’t catch fire in an instant. 


Common causes of fires in the workplace:

Implementing fire prevention measures is the best way to keep everyone safe. In fact, some fire safety reminders are very easy to follow. 


Things to remember to keep your Whangarei office safe: 

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Do you need fire extinguisher training for your employees in order to introduce them to the methods of basic fire extinguisher use plus other fire safety skills. We can customise a fire protection workshop that’s tailored for your company’s needs. 

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