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Fire Extinguishers in Whangarei? – Where to Buy

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Can you deal with a fire if one breaks out at your office today? Would you even know how to use a fire extinguisher? Here’s a basic question: should I even buy a fire extinguisher?

The answer is a BIG yes!

Whangarei fire extinguishers are always ready-to-go and handy when it comes to dealing with a sudden fire. And here at Fireco, we have the best fire extinguishers ready for installation. Remember, a fire can wreak havoc and spread in over 3 minutes or less, and a fire extinguisher gives you that chance of snuffing of it before it becomes a devastatingly large fire.

But let’s not forget that the 1991 NZ Building Code requires it. The code which applies to every kind of company in Whangarei requires the business to have fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment available.

Fire Extinguisher Basics

It’s easy to lift and direct at a fire as the average fire extinguisher weighs about 2.2kg. But fire extinguisher sizes can range from 1.1kg to a larger unit at 158kg.

There are different types of extinguishing agents to fight specific fires, such as:

Chemical Powder


Highly-pressurised Carbon or CO2


The ratings for the type of fire it can handle can be found on the fire extinguisher label. This includes all the pertinent information about the fire extinguisher from size, weight, contents, usage and date of manufacture.

The possibility of a fire breaking out should be a compelling reason enough to purchase a fire extinguisher in Whangarei.

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Fire extinguishers can fight fire caused by the following:

Once a fire extinguisher is used to combat a fire, the unit cannot be used again, but you can have it refilled through fire extinguisher servicing. If not, the good news is you can replace it with a new and better extinguisher from Fireco.

For the proper provisioning of fire-fighting equipment, it would be best to consult a fire safety expert such as Fireco to carry out a detailed risk assessment. This would help on your purchasing decision as well when placing a bulk order for fire extinguishers for buildings and large properties.

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Installing a fire extinguisher in the workplace

The most common areas we see fire extinguishers at are hallways, entry ways, anywhere near a door and stairwells. And for good reason, fire extinguisher should always be visible and within reach. They are the first thing you’ll notice when you enter a common area. That said, you see them at entry ways so anyone can easily have a means of escape while fighting the fire.

Now what to do if the building’s layout is complicated such as it is subdivided by panels, or the layout consists of multi-rooms or cubicles. Then a photo luminescent sign must be placed where visible to direct people where the fire extinguisher is located in the area.

Buying Whangarei Fire Extinguishers

Get your firefighting equipment up to date, and your fire extinguishers serviced and pressure-tested. In fact, we can help you get emergency ready with the appropriate fire extinguisher for your workplace, consult with us on any fire safety concerns. We have a variety of fire extinguishers ready and available in Whangarei.

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