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Fire Extinguishers in Auckland

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Fire Extinguishers in Auckland

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense when fighting small ‘starting fires’. This simply means that a standard fire extinguisher can efficiently snuff out a fire in its early stages. In firefighting terms, this is called the incipient stage where the fire is small, and slow growing. The presence and visibility of smoke is minimal.  

By international standards, most fire extinguishers are classified by the type of fire they can contain or extinguish. This is also known as their performance rating, which is based on fire tests done to measure their effectivity.

According to fireandemergency.nz, there are six classes of fire:

  • Class A (Wood paper plastics)
  • Class B (Flammable & combustible liquids)
  • Class C (Flammable gases)
  • Class D (Fires involving combustible metals)
  • Class E (Electrically energised equipment)
  • Class F (Cooking oils and fats)

The class rating indicates the kind of fire (the fuel that is burning).

How Do Fire Extinguishers Work?

Fire extinguishers are normally operated by the use of gas pressure in the upper part of the container which forces an extinguishing medium out through the nozzle.

Another way to categorise fire extinguishers is through the extinguishing material they contain:

  • Water
  • Foam
  • Powder
  • Halon
  • Carbon dioxide
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Where to position fire extinguishers in your workplace?

There are free-standing extinguishers, wheeled extinguishers and there are the wall-mounted fire extinguishers supported by brackets which most people are familiar with. Wheeled extinguishers are the heavy ones used in industrial settings. Some fire extinguishers are placed inside “break glass” boxes where they are easily accessible during emergencies.

It is preferable that fire extinguishers are installed where they can be easily spotted such as entryways, exits, hallways, stairways, and lobbies. Fire signs can also be placed to indicate the position of a fire extinguisher with the appropriate warning labels and symbols of its fire extinguisher class. As an example, “Do not use on electrical equipment.”

It is advisable to position a fire extinguisher near a high risk area or outside the confined space of a hazard zone. For example, a specialised machinery or equipment room, laboratory and even a computer server room. Fire extinguishers should not be placed closer than 2 meters from the hazard and shall be the nearest fire extinguisher to the hazard. Please seek advise form Fireco for the best set-up for your business.

Where to Purchase Fire Extinguishers in Auckland?

In need of active fire protection services in Auckland? We all know purchasing the wrong kind of fire extinguisher for your residence or commercial space can be dangerous. As a business owner, you want to make sure that the fire extinguisher you purchase is classified appropriately for your workplace needs. 

Trust in the #1 fire expert in Auckland and Northland for your fire fighting and fire safety requirements, trust in Fireco NZ.  We also conduct fire safety training for workplaces around Northland and Whangarei NZ. We can help you get your employees ready for any fire and safety emergency.

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