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Fire Extinguishers for Sale and Servicing in Whangarei

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Part of the care for fire extinguishers is through servicing.

This is doing a quick visual check to see that your fire extinguisher is not damaged and fully charged. You need your fire extinguisher functioning and operable during emergencies and the only way to ensure this is through regular care and maintenance.

Whangarei Fire Extinguisher Testing and Inspection

The last thing you need is a dud of a fire extinguisher during a fire outbreak. This is your life on the line, and you need a fire extinguisher you can count on.

Fire extinguisher testing can be done by a certified fire safety professional in Whangarei. They will test your fire extinguisher units accordingly; this is to keep in line with the NZ fire safety code.

First things, first. Check the can!

You can do the first step yourself and the first thing that’s easy to notice on a fire extinguisher is if it has corrosion, an obvious dent or even missing parts. The next step is quite technical and it’s something only a certified fire servicing technician can do. As they are familiar with all the attributes and classifications of fire extinguishers ranging from its uses, chemicals, and types of fire.

Read the label.

You don’t need to be an expert to read a sticker. The basic information is very straightforward, as fire extinguishers are classified to combat certain type of fires- you’ll easily find out what kind of fire extinguisher you have. This is assuming you are not the one who made the purchase order.

When you read the sticker label on the unit it specifies what kind of fire it can put out. Often the need for the fire extinguisher is based on the risk of the workplace or any number of combustible elements present in the area. For example, certain facilities may have more paper, oils or chemicals present because it’s part of what they do.

Get It Tested by a Pro

The only reliable way to tell any extensive damage with the unit is through testing- you will then know if your fire extinguisher needs repair (the valve or the hose) or recharging (refilling the chemical contents) and in some cases, total replacement of the unit.

As with any fire extinguisher service, the unit will also undergo hydrostatic testing to see if it can maintain pressure.

Consequently, a good fire extinguisher service would know if your unit is underweight, or if the pressure indicator is low, or if the unit has been tampered with. They will properly advise you of the next steps to keep your business fire safe- either by recharging your current units or replacing some of them. Either way, they are keeping you fire safe, protected and compliant.

Expert Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Whangarei

You can’t put a price on competence, what fire extinguisher service experts do is simply invaluable- they keep people alive and safe.

In Whangarei, you can find affordable fire extinguishers for sale with reasonable servicing costs. Hence, a good servicing provider can even help you with an inspection service and maintenance plan that can spread out the cost of the fire extinguisher servicing based on your needs.

Ensure your business remains safe by using Fireco. As the premier fire safety professionals in Northland, we can give you better guidance on your fire extinguisher needs. Our technicians can perform routine inspections and servicing on all your current fire extinguishers.

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