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Do You Really Need a Fire Extinguisher in Auckland?

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Do You Really Need a Fire Extinguisher in Auckland?

You don’t need a complicated fire safety plan in Auckland protect your assets. Something as simple and ingenious as a fire extinguisher can save you and your property.

Here’s a quick fact: Fires- big and small- can spread very fast, and for less you might think, you can reach for a reliable fire extinguisher to get a small fire under control.

A fire extinguisher is not just there to take up space on the wall. It’s your first grab-and-go line of defense. You’ll find fire extinguishers in nearly every kind of building in Auckland New Zealand from industrial, commercial, and residential properties. It’s mandated by law, and if you don’t have one it’s about time you get compliant with fire safety laws.

But for the uninitiated, there’s a global standard rating system in play, fire extinguishers come in different classifications, they are rated for the fires they can put out which can range from combustibles, flammable liquids, fuel sources and electrical hazards. No single fire is caused by the same thing; it can be ignited by several elements and sustained by different sources.

So having an extinguisher ready and a quick grab away is the best way to protect your Auckland property in case of a starting fire. When something goes wrong, you can definitely count on it.

However, Auckland fire extinguishers do come with an expiration date. Yes, they are perishable, not just because of the chemicals inside it, but over time parts and containers do get compromised due to handling and storage conditions. Though they’re generally usable for about a decade, regular inspection is still required to make sure they remain functional when you need them. The last thing you want is for a fire extinguisher to fail you during an emergency.

When a fire extinguisher in Auckland is inspected for damage, this includes watching out for physical dents and signs of corrosion. The pressure gauge is also checked manually, so are the rubber parts of the hoses and nozzles.

It’s best that you have portable fire extinguishers in Auckland inspected at least once a year, or go for a monthly Auckland fire extinguisher servicing if necessary and recommended by the last fire safety inspection.

Always check fire safety records showing maintenance details such as the fire extinguisher type, unit serial number, inspection date, tests done, next inspection date, annual servicing schedule, the fire safety inspector’s remarks and signature. Tags should indicate the recharging or servicing done for fire extinguisher unit, and the name of the fire extinguisher servicing agency, so you know who to call.

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Purchasing your Fire Extinguisher in Auckland

To mitigate any fire risks to your employees, fire extinguishers should be placed where visible throughout the workplace such as hallways, conference, server rooms, pantry and kitchens, mechanical and electrical rooms, stairwells and exits.
Make a head count of how many fire extinguishers you need in your key areas and what fire extinguisher types are appropriate for each space. Consider the size, weight and extinguishing power before making a purchase. Fire extinguishers that you can easily lift are an advantage for most people. If you are not sure what to purchase and how many you need exactly for your work environment, you can consult the Auckland fire safety experts and that’s Fireco NZ.

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Fireco can assist you to meet any specific fire code and safety requirements to stay compliant. We can answer all your fire extinguisher questions that are suitable for your building or current fire plan.

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