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BWOFs Decoded: Everything You Need to Know About the BWOF Process in Northland

Fireco explains the key terms you need to know to obtain your BWOF in Northland, to make your Building Warrant of Fitness process a breeze.

Are you a building owner or manager in Northland feeling overwhelmed by the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) process? Terms like BWOF, Specified Systems, Compliance Schedules, IQP, and Forms 12 and 12A can seem confusing, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

At Fireco, we’re here to simplify the BWOF process for you with our network of IQP experts. Let’s break down everything you need to know to obtain your BWOF in Northland…

What is a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)?

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a certificate that confirms a building’s specified systems have been inspected, maintained, and are in good working condition. These systems include fire alarms and fire suppression systems like sprinklers, emergency lighting, access-controlled windows and doors, among others – there’s 16 specified systems in the Building Act, and they are all required to meet NZ Standard code. The BWOF must be renewed annually and displayed prominently in the building for everyone to see.

To obtain a BWOF in Northland, building owners must appoint an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to inspect these systems, ensuring compliance with the Building Act 2004, Section 108.

What is a Compliance Schedule?

A compliance schedule is a document that lists all the specified systems in your building and outlines the procedures required to keep them in good working order. This schedule ensures that the building is safe and healthy for occupants.

How to Obtain a Compliance Schedule:

  • New Buildings: When applying for building consent for new buildings with specified systems, include an application for a compliance schedule. The building consent authority will issue the compliance schedule along with the code compliance certificate.
  • Existing Buildings: If your building already has specified systems but no compliance schedule, apply to the appropriate territorial authority to obtain one.

The compliance schedule will include:

  • A detailed description of all specified systems in the building.
  • Maintenance procedures and performance standards to follow during routine inspections.

What is an Independent Qualified Person (IQP)?

IQPs are professionals authorised by local councils to inspect, maintain, and report on a building’s specified systems. An IQP must be registered with the local council to perform these tasks. Often, multiple IQPs are needed to cover all specified systems in a building.

At Fireco, we have our own IQP experts to ensure your systems are inspected and maintained efficiently.

What is Form 12?

Form 12 is the BWOF: a written statement issued by the local council every 12 months, and a copy needs to be displayed publicly in your building. Form 12 declares that all the specified systems have been maintained and inspected according to the compliance schedule prior to the issue date.

What is Form 12A?

Form 12A is a document that records the inspection, testing, and maintenance of each specified system by an IQP. Before issuing a BWOF, Form 12A must be completed and signed by the respective IQPs, verifying that the systems are up to standard.

Find Form 12A, along with all other forms associated with the Northland BWOF process, on the NZ Government’s Building Performance website here.

Steps to Obtain Your BWOF in Whangarei, Northland, and the Far North

  • Hire an IQP: Contact Fireco for an IQP: they’ll inspect and maintain your building’s specified systems.
  • Complete Form 12A: Ensure all systems have been inspected and Form 12A is completed.
  • Submit Documentation: Submit the BWOF Form 12 to the local council for assessment.

Managing a BWOF can be a daunting task, especially for
inexperienced building owners, as it can involve significant coordination,
time, and effort. However, you don’t have to do it alone!

At Fireco, we specialise in making the BWOF process a
breeze. We’re here for maintenance and servicing of your building’s fire safety
systems, and with our network of IQPs across Northland we handle the
inspections and maintenance of your building’s systems to ensure you meet all
requirements effortlessly.

Get in touch
with our experts at Fireco today and let us simplify the BWOF process for you
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