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BWOF NZ: Securing your Building Warrant of Fitness in Albany NZ


In order to make sure your annual compliance certificates are accurate in Albany NZ, now is the perfect time to check your paperwork and see to it that your BWOF is current. But do you even understand how a Building Warrant of Fitness works? How well-versed are you in the procedure?

Everyone who owns or manages a building in Albany should be aware of the Council regulations. Building and public safety are both aided by this. It also protects you from legal and financial repercussions. Additionally, it will save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs if certain specified systems are neglected for too long.

Your Building Warrant of Fitness in Albany can be obtained through following these steps:

Obtaining the necessary papers for an Albany BWOF requires a trip to your local building authority.

In Albany, your local council is the territorial authority that provides building permits and BWOF approvals. They have legal authority over the area in which your property is situated. So you can carry out the necessary maintenance and inspection with your IQP in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

One who has been approved by Council as qualified to conduct inspections on certain systems is referred to as a “IQP” or an Independent Qualified Person. Fireco is one such company – so reach out today!

You’ll be given a compliance schedule which is the timeframe you will work on to meet your obligations on your specified systems. System performance criteria and inspection, maintenance, and reporting requirements are all included in this schedule to ensure that it is always up to date.

The local council has given a temporary written statement outlining all of the specified systems that will be subject to your upcoming Compliance Schedule. The Code Compliance Certificate is included in this package (CCC). Displaying this in a public area in Albany is a must, and it should be updated after the initial 12-month period has passed.

The territorial approval authority will provide you a Code compliance certificate after your building project is complete. This acts as an official seal of approval, and that your building complies with the performance standards of the New Zealand Building Code.

The Form 11 is a time-saver if you need it. If you need to do a course correction and changes to your compliance schedule. Don’t delay and file a Form 11 immediately.
Form 11 is an amendment application for correcting any modification in your compliance schedule and must be filed if you anticipate that you’ll be behind schedule and your project faces unforeseen delays. So this is basically a formal declaration informing the council of your present compliance status and the rate at which it is being met (or where it  stands right now, and how it is developing).

The Difference Between a Form 12A and a Form 12

The Certificate of Compliance with inspection, maintenance, and reporting is the official name for the Form 12A. Although it’s easy to get them mixed up, Form 12A is not a Form 12.

Form12A is an inspection form that is required before a Form 12 may be issued. So keep the eye on the prize which is attaining the Form 12 which is the Building Warrant of Fitness.

In the 12 months before the date of issue, a Building Warrant of Fitness serves as irrefutable proof that your building has been properly inspected and maintained in accordance with the compliance schedule issued to you.

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The Road to Compliance Schedule Management

Acquiring a BWoF on your own in Albany NZ might be tough. Getting compliant is not an easy journey. You’ll need a certain amount of perseverance and dedication to meet all of the technical and performance standards. You’ll also likely need the assistance of a number of licensed professionals such as IQPs, fire safety experts, and consultants.

To ensure that your specified systems are properly maintained and inspected in Albany, we at Fireco have a network of expert connections, including contractors and IQPs. Fulfill the requirements of your compliance schedule on time and see your business grow while also being compliant. We are New Zealand’s leading experts in fire safety and regulatory compliance. Contact us at Fireco 0800 101 232 today for your BWOF concerns in Albany. Email us at info@fireco.co.nz

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