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BWoF Auckland: Get your Building Warrant of Fitness Done with Ease


Property owners in Auckland can ring in 2023 with a sense of relief and confidence by enlisting the help of the fire specialists, Fireco,  to consult with and manage the fire inspections and other preventative maintenance duties on their business calendars. One of these upcoming compliance inspections is the Building Warrant of Fitness, also known as BWoF.

Now, if you’re new to property ownership in Auckland or haven’t yet learned the ins and outs of getting a BWoF, listen up! It’s something we at Fireco can get you through.

Consider our BWoF guidelines below as your compliance starter pack.

First, it all starts with a Compliance Schedule.

The Auckland Council will issue a Compliance Schedule to any structure that has specified system installed. In order to ensure that the building’s systems and features continue to function properly, an inspection, maintenance, and reporting plan must be developed and included in the compliance schedule.

Details of the specified systems or features must be included in the building consent application. This includes providing information on the precise location of the equipment as well as the anticipated testing and maintenance schedule. Furthermore, Compliance Schedule Certificates are granted when all specified system details have been checked. 

Just what does it mean when someone says they have a "Compliance Schedule Certificate"?

Compliance Schedule Certificates are short-term public announcements of a building’s Compliance Schedule obligations.

This Certificate of Compliance is provided by the City Council (Auckland Council in this case). A copy of the Compliance Schedule Statement must also be displayed  in an easy accessible and apparent location. And the most important thing to remember: The Building Warrant of Fitness is scheduled to replace the Complete Schedule Certificate, 12 months after the initial issuance of the original document.

From then on, annually: You will provide a BWOF in Auckland.

Before the next Compliance Schedule’s anniversary date, the Building Warrant of Fitness must be filed, and before submitting your BWOF, make sure you’ve complied with everything stated on the Compliance Schedule. Be mindful of each component of the given specified system, as this should be inspected, maintained, and reported on by an IQP (Independent Qualified Person). There is a large range of IQPs available, each with their own specialisation coming into play. This licensed safety expert will then write up a report that specifies whether or not your structure is up to code in terms of health and safety. The report will detail the steps necessary to bring your structure into compliance, if it does not already do so. 

If you're in need of an IQP to consult, you can contact Fireco

A BWOF in Auckland can provide you with reassurance that your building meets all safety standards and is suitable for occupation, among other advantages. Getting a BWOF also helps you sustain your building’s structural strength and safety- avoiding future costly repairs in the process as well as, in some circumstances, keeping your insurance valid. It’s always best to talk to a fire expert life Fireco, who knows the ins and outs of getting a BWOF. If you have any questions about the BWOF process in Auckland or if you’re in need of an IQP to consult, you can contact Fireco at 0800 101 232 or via email at info@fireco.co.nz.

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