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Building Warrant of Fitness Noncompliance Penalties


BWoF or Building Warrant of Fitness is an annual certificate that indicates that all the systems and features of a property are safe. Some of these features are fire alarms and automatic doors. This means that these systems and features have been inspected and maintained well. It also means that the requirements for the compliance schedule have been met. BWoF is significant regardless of the type of property.  

School facilities in Auckland and Northland for instance have to procure a Building Warrant of Fitness. All schools that have certain features and systems that have to be cleared for Compliance Schedule. These systems and features include automatic doors and windows, emergency power systems, emergency lighting systems, audio loops and other assistive learning systems, laboratory fume cupboards, and escape route pressurisation systems.  

Other than schools, offices and commercial establishments in Auckland and Northland must also procure a BWoF. These properties must adhere to New Zealand’s Building Act 2004. It is the New Zealand’s primary piece of legislation that mandates the requirements in terms of demolition, construction, alteration, and also the use and maintenance of new and existing buildings. The act also requires the building owner to acquire the compliance schedule which ensures the building, holds an annual building warrant of fitness, as a testament that the building’s systems are well-maintained and properly functioning.

It is safer both financially for your business, and ethically for your staff’s safety to comply with the requirements. This includes paying the necessary fees, rather than facing the penalties. Failure to comply with BWoF requirements may also risk the lives of the building occupants. The Building Act acknowledges such risks and serious consequences.  

Building owners may be prosecuted or fined under the Building Act if they commit the following offenses: 

Such offenses may incur a maximum fine of $20,000. Failure to obtain the compliance schedule may result in a fine of $2,000 for each day it is not acquired. Councils may also issue instant fines from $250 to $1,000 for any of the following BWoF and compliance schedule breaches. The Building Act mandates the councils to send a notice when fixes are required for the following situations: 

Failure to address any non-compliance may result in a maximum fine of $200,000 and an additional $2,000 per day if the breach continues. 

Secure your business. Steer clear of BWoF non-compliance penalties. For your convenience and assurance, try FireCo’s services. 

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