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Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) for Compliance – What You Need to Know

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A Building Warrant of Fitness, also called a BWOF, is a document that attests that your Whangarei property has been properly inspected

Northland property owners and building managers must perform these preventative maintenance procedures and safety checks in order to earn this certificate and remain compliant.

This building performance certificate also verifies that the inspection and that the preventative maintenance repairs in the compliance schedule have been carried out the previous 12 months. It’s the most reliable approach to determine whether a structure is safe and fit to function.

If all the required inspections were completed in accordance with the compliance schedule and were signed off by a licensed Independent Qualified Person (IQP) in Whangarei. This means that every specified system you have in your property has been inspected.

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The Form 12A

Let’s get into the heart of it: The Form 12 is another name for the BWoF. It is not the same as a Form 12A which is formally the ‘Certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures’.

Each independent qualified person who inspects and maintains the listed systems in your building needs to file a Form 12A. If your property has numerous specified systems, the building owner will need to get multiple Form 12As for each specified system.

Once these multiple Form 12As are completed by the IQPs for each of the specified systems, they are finally issued a BWoF certificate by the council. Hooray!

If you look closely at the Form 12A, there are a total of 16 types of automatic and control specified systems that are often checked for during the compliance schedule period. These range from access controlled doors, passenger service lifts, fire suppression, and emergency warning systems. For each inspection you may need one or multiple IQPs whose license and specialisation is centered on that specified system.

Secure your Compliance Schedule

If you’re unsure who to seek for, or with what type of IQP should you consult? That is something Fireco can accomplish for you. Understanding the BWoF process is Fireco’s superpower.

In terms of inspections, we are familiar with the performance and safety criteria that must be held to high standards. We have a network of IQPs and fire safety specialists who can provide you with guidance and a full overview of how to address your BWoF requirements while staying on schedule.

Contact us today at Fireco to learn more about our IQP and contractor network. When it comes to BWoF applications, time is of the essence, and we are here to help you achieve your compliance objectives.

In Northland, get the BWoF certificate you require. Those in the Hokianga, Whangarei, Kauri Coast, Top of the North, and Bay of Islands areas can also avail of our BWoF consulting services. Reach out to us at Fireco call at 0800 101 232 or email us at info@fireco.co.nz if you have any questions about compliance.

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