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Break Glass In Case Of Emergency Box: Fireco Firefighting Safety Equipment


Break Glass In Case Of Emergency Box: Fireco Firefighting Safety Equipment

We’ve all seen the signs. Yes, those ubiquitous fire safety signs and red hot emergency boxes on the walls of buildings, offices, malls, schools and care homes. Thankfully, most buildings are BWOF-certified and fire safety compliant that you don’t have to worry about actually doing this – “break glass in case of fire.”

But fires can be so unpredictable; we all know that they can happen anytime.  And though most of us don’t get a kick out of destroying public property, in the instance of an emergency, it’s perfectly alright to break the glass on the red emergency box. It’s there for that purpose so that you can grab firefighting equipment, such as a fire extinguisher or a fire hose. It can also give you access to an emergency key or set off a property-wide fire alarm.

The break glass sign is very simple and ingenious, in its entirely glorious bright red. Before your brain even freezes in panic, the signs say it all, and you can intuitively respond and know what to do. Remember that in a fire situation, the smoke is often thick, enough that you will find yourself struggling and feeling your way out of halls and entryways. But having a reflective and boldly visible fire safety sign such as In Case of Emergency Break Glass can be a lifesaver.

How to Safely Use a Fire Emergency Box

The idea of ramming a fist through the Break Glass In Case Of Emergency plate seems like the heroic stuff made for movies. How many movies have we seen showing some dude punching the break glass panel to retrieve a fire ax? It may seem all too dramatic. But it’s no joke, every second counts when faced with a life-threatening scenario.

But you don’t have to use your bare knuckles to break it.

Some Break Glass boxes come with a Break Glass hammer with a chain; the hammer is quite common for emergency key boxes and extinguisher fire cabinets. But if you find out there is no hammer or a metal breaker bar, then find any hard object nearby, and use that to break the glass. Do make sure your eyes and face are far enough from the range of any flying glass. It may be an emergency, but remember you can take steps to keep yourself safe from injury as well.

And after the emergency, don’t forget to replace the broken emergency glass.

Where to find ‘In Case of Emergency Break Glass’ plates in New Zealand?

If you’re looking for an “in case of emergency break glass box for sale” they are not easy to find especially replacement break glass plates. You can only get them at certified fire safety providers like Fireco NZ.

Fireco has a variety of emergency boxes and break glass panels of different sizes. Their popular Break Glass plates are the Replacement Glass for Hose Reel Nozzle Box and Replacement Glass for Emergency Key Box. When it comes to fire safety signs, emergency boxes and firefighting equipment, Fireco offers bulk rates for businesses in need of fire safety equipment.

Though you may not ever think you’ll be caught in the middle of a fire, it’s better to know what to do to stay safe. Don’t ever hesitate that in case of an emergency do break the glass! People will even thank you for it.

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