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9 Fire Safety Tips in the Face of Extreme Weather Conditions

9 Fire Safety Tips in the Face of Extreme Weather Conditions

If you’ve noticed the recent rash of heatwaves around the world, you know that extreme heat¬† is the most deadly form of severe-weather occurrence right now. It is prudent to plan for its consequences. To protect our Whangarei properties from the potentially catastrophic effects of such heat waves, we can take necessary fire precautions in such situations.

Burning fires don’t occur due to heat alone. However, a heatwave’s harsh weather conditions are conducive to the rapid growth of fires. Low relative humidity, strong surface wind, unstable air, and drought are the four crucial weather factors that generate intense fire behavior. Fires can also be sparked by dry air and strong surface breezes.

Keeping an eye on fire safety is important in Whangarei, as the district is also vulnerable to experience extreme heat.

Take extra care to avoid starting fires during extreme weather conditions and high temperatures. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by following these 9 fire safety guidelines:

Leaves, dry grass, and other flammable waste are combustible and can sit and pile in the heat. The potential fire threats posed by these dry items are analogous to those posed by a pile of ready kindling. Avoid stacking them against your house or any other building. Put them all over the yard, evenly spread apart and let nature take its course with their decomposition. Or dispose of garden waste properly by having the dry materials collected.

Outdoor cooking and gatherings such as bonfires are best avoided. (which sounds crazy i know) Most of us will probably spend more time than usual trying to keep cool outside, but barbecuing may be dangerous in the heat.

In Whangarei, keep your grill away from anything that could catch fire, like a wooden fence or overgrowths from a tree. Never grill indoors or somewhere that won’t allow smoke to escape. Also carefully dispose of a disposable barbeque or barbecue coals, and make sure the grill is completely cool before putting it away.

To prevent fires, always use an appropriate ashtray when discarding a cigarette. It’s not safe to just carelessly toss them. Ever. Whilst fires from cigarettes have decreased this is simply due to smoking becoming less commonplace.

To prevent damage, avoid exposing gadgets to prolonged sunlight. Mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices should be turned off and stored out of the way of direct sunlight while not in use. Excessive heat destroys your phones battery.

As mobile phones can quickly heat up while charging, it is important to monitor their temperature. Always be sure you charge your gadget in a well-ventilated area, far from any soft furnishings. They pose a fire risk if hidden behind a cushion or pillow.

An overloaded outlet poses a fire risk. As an additional fire risk, strewn electrical cables should be kept organised.

The onset of extremely dangerous heat conditions can result in fires and this may sound a bit innocuous, but keep mirrors, crystals, glass ornaments, and other reflecting things out of direct sunlight at all times, especially when unusually high temperatures are predicted. Sunlight can be magnified by reflective surfaces, starting fires in nearby combustibles like paper and upholstered furniture.

During any given heat wave, Whangarei fire extinguishers are more important than ever. As such, it is the quickest method for extinguishing a fire in its early stages.

Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms in Whangarei can help save lives in a fire, regardless of how the fire started or where it is located. Smoke alarms are crucial for preventing fires in the home and saving lives. A high-quality smoke alarm is an investment that will pay dividends, typically, for at least ten years.

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It is important to invest in Whangarei fire protection measures during periods of extremely hot weather. Maintain a high level of preparedness and prevention by keeping fire extinguishers and smoke detectors handy. All year long, we supply Whangarei businesses with first-rate fire prevention tools and protective gear.

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