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5 Ways to Improve Fire Prevention and Safety at your Workplace in Takapuna

Fire Prevention and Safety at your Workplace

What kills people during a raging fire is not the fire or heat, rather smoke inhalation.. And surprisingly in just under 2-5 minutes of an ongoing fire, debris starts to fall from the ceiling, further igniting flammable and non-retardant items in your Takapuna workplace.

Just look around, what you have in your workplace right now can be fast combustibles. Items such as paper, fabric, paint, or furniture- just to name a few – contribute quickly to the spread of fire. For example, according to Fire and Emergency Services NZ, the average couch is the equivalent of 170 liters of fuel. That’s one big bag of kindling. How many other furnishings do you have in your Takapuna workplace, once a fire starts make sure to head for the nearest exit.

Fire prevention is a continuous process. It’s not a one-time deal you have to get over and done with. The average workplace in Takapuna can change over time- from the office layout, number of workers, inventory and appliances. All these things affect your fire prevention efforts. Ideally, your fire safety routine must evolve alongside the growth of your workplace.

Here are 5 ways you can improve fire prevention and safety at your workplace in Takapuna:

1. Always clean out clutter.

Clutter can obstruct pathways and exit doors. Also be careful in storing supplies such as paper and chemicals, make sure they are nowhere near a heat source.


2. Install the latest smoke alarm.

Make sure it’s up to code, and it must be tested routinely. More importantly, check the batteries or power source of your fire alarm system that it’s working properly.

3. Have regular and detailed fire safety drills.

This is to let everyone know about your workplace fire escape plan. During fire drills, 2-3 escape routes should be established to increase the chances of survival during a fire. This is in case the main escape route is blocked by fire or obstructed; this gives people a chance to flee to safety using the other escape route.

4. Dealing with fire exit hardware on egress doors.

To ensure successful evacuation, employees must be made familiar with the type of exit doors your premises has. A fire drill gives this opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with the building’s exit doors and its locking mechanism. They might be surprise to find a crash bar or panic bar. A panic bar may have a push pad or lever that you can press into to open the door. Some properties are equipped with a break glass bolt or a break glass mechanism that once broken or activated will release the doors. So it’s very important employees know what lock mechanisms are used at work, this is particularly important if they happen to be the first ones at the exit doors during the emergency.

5. Test and tag old appliances, equipment, and workplace devices.

Electrical items are prone to wear and tear. Most often than not, no one keeps tabs on their usage unless they totally breakdown. A professional test and tag expert can ensure that your electrical devices are fit for use and won’t cause a sudden fire.

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Make the major move towards protecting your property and business from fires. Fire prevention is key to a business’ long-term success in Takapuna.

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