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5 Best Practices to Keep your Business Fireproof


Running a business successfully not only means raking in high revenues, but keeping it safe and protected from possible risks such as accidents and fires.

Fires can result in huge losses overnight, causing businesses to close shop permanently. There are so many things you can lose in a fire starting from your stock, product inventory to your valuables and company data.

Moreover, fires are extremely dangerous situations that can cause injury and death. As a business owner you are liable for the people who work for you and the customers who pay you a visit. They expect your premises to be a safe and fireproof environment.

Always have Fire Safety in Mind

It’s in your best interest to take fire threats seriously, and to thoroughly invest resources in fire safety. In fact, you have many options in terms of fire prevention planning and fire suppression equipment that’s available in Whangarei.

To further protect your business from fire, do consider the services of trusted Whangarei fire safety experts. Fire professionals such as Fireco can give you the best advice on how to go about fire safety in your shops, offices, or commercial spaces.

Here are 5 ways to fire-proof your business. These are best practices straight from the Whangarei fire safety professionals. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Before any build or renovations, consider using fire-resistant materials.

These are design to resist heat and will not combust easily. Such building materials are a good foundation in mitigating fires.

2. Make Cleaning a Priority.

This is such a simple and low-cost way to prevent fires, but this is common fire safety advice that’s often neglected. What is it about people and cleaning? Cleaning should not be too hard to do, right? It only becomes difficult if much of the mess and dirt has piled up, and it’s those piles of combustible materials that make any workplace a fire hazard. Clean regularly, delegate cleaning tasks, and clear out any obstruction to exit doors so people can easily escape in case of a fire.

3. Testing and Tagging is part of good business fire safety.

Any appliance or electrical device on your premises must be test and tagged routinely. Each appliance will be tested and categorised by a fire safety expert if they are fit for use or not. It’s easy to miss faulty electrical equipment in the work area and these can cause fires and unfortunate injuries.

4. Invest in fire extinguishers.

To stay compliant with health and safety standards, every Whangarei business must have these firefighting equipment available for anyone in the premises to use. Employees must be also trained to use fire extinguishers and this can be accomplished through fire safety training in Whangarei.

5. Install proper fire alarms.

Every floor and exit way should have a working fire alarm. Coverage is often a huge issue for most businesses and for efficient detection there should be enough fire alarms installed to handle every area. Also fire alarms should be regularly checked, cleaned of dust and the batteries replaced when drained.

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For your Whangarei fire safety and suppression system needs, contact the best fire safety professional near you, and that’s Fireco.

We at Fireco can help you with the necessary planning and installation of fire safety systems throughout your premises. We also do regular maintenance, test & tag, and fire equipment servicing.

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