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4 Fire Safety Rules for Commercial Spaces in Browns Bay


Fire safety should be taken seriously. Most people don’t realise how fast a fire spreads; it can turn deadly in less than 2 minutes- you never think that it can happen at your commercial space until it does.

A big part of fire safety is prevention. This is to ensure that your commercial space in Browns Bay is prepared and ready to face a worse case fire scenario.

A fire happening at a commercial space amounts to huge losses, as businesses have most of their inventory and assets stored here; from products, tools, devices, equipment, raw materials and the latest merchandise. One can’t simply risk losing everything. Luckily, technology today has advanced enough that we have good fire protection systems to help minimise risk.

That said having a solid set of rules for fire safety in your commercial building is crucial in order to protect employees, clients, and assets.

Here are 4 recommended fire safety rules for commercial spaces in Browns Bay:

1. Install a fire alarm detection system

Fire detection technologies today have very sensitive temperature and heat sensors, you can rely on these fire alarm devices to sound off a loud alarm and send an alert to the nearest fire station. When a fire alarm goes off, everyone in the vicinity is alerted, immediate evacuation should then commence. Fire alarms simply give people warning, to take measures to keep themselves safe. In order keep fire alarms in working condition, they should be inspected annually by a fire safety expert.

2. Have a Clear Designated Smoking Area

The first rule of having a smoking zone is that smokers should strictly comply with the fire safety rules and that used cigarettes should be put out and disposed of properly. Smoking zones are well-ventilated areas where people are allowed to smoke, this is usually outside and away from the commercial space. Smoking outside the regulated smoking zones should be clearly prohibited enforced.

3. Test and Tag your Electrical Devices, Tools, and Appliances

This can’t be said enough, many commercial spaces have old and worn electrical devices still in service. These should be checked properly through Test and Tag services which can sort out and remove all malfunctioning appliances that can cause a fire outbreak. In Browns Bay, Auckland – you can rely on Fireco for efficient Test & Tag servicing.

4. Have Regular Fire Safety Training

Information on fire prevention goes a long way. Employees should be always onboard about fire safety; everyone should play their part in protecting the commercial space from a fire. It’s basically training employees on what to do in a fire emergency such as using a fire extinguisher, knowing the fire escape routes and exit doors. Knowledge in fire safety is invaluable and can save lives.

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Fires in a commercial property can be devastating for any business. From a financial standpoint, it is hard to recover from a fire, not everything will be covered extensively by insurance. So your best bet is to simply invest in fire prevention from employee fire safety training to fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Get protected from a fire disaster with the best fire alarm systems and firefighting equipment for your commercial space in Browns Bay, get in touch with Fireco at 0800 101 232 or email info@fireco.co.nz

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